Little Pots of Shea-Olive Whipped Butter
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 1 hour
  • Yields 200g


Little Pots of Shea and Olive Whipped Butter

We were asked for a natural skin care product by a customer who wanted to present them as a “little gift token of thanks”.  As they were light on experience, and needed to keep it economical, and as there's no preservation required, these fit the brief!

These luscious little pots of Organic Shea Butter and Olive Butter smell delish, and are very easy to make. One thing to remember, as they are anhydrous (all oils and butters) they don't require a preservative, but these are not hot weather friendly, so do keep this in mind. You can soften them down with substituting Liquid Shea for cold winters, or adjust the harder Shea Butter with more Olive Butter also. If you are selling them at an event which is quite warm, just take a little eski to store your stock in.

I’ve kept them simple, and used Crisp Apple Rose Fragrance for one batch, and Lavender Green Tea for the other, both are universally pleasing when you don’t actually know people’s preference. You can double this formula, whip it up, divide into two, and scent each batch individually.

For packaging options, though we have used our Mini Mushroom Jars, you can also use 30ml Double Wall Jars. Either label the pots or pop them into a ziplock bag or Peel & Seal Bag, and then label the bag with your message and the ingredients. You could even make LOTS of Lip Jars of Whipped Butter, either the black lid or the natural lids both look great.

Remember: Whipped butters should be kept away from intense heat and are not always suitable for tubes.

Little Pots of Shea and Olive Whipped Butter

Each batch makes approximately 200g in weight - but this is whipped so the volume is larger than the weight.

Equipment You'll Need:

  • 1 dropper or Pipette
  • 1 Pyrex jug or mixing bowl - 500ml - 750ml size
  • Small electric balloon whisk - not a stick blender as you need to whip air into the mixture
  • Spoon, spatulas etc


Also great to use are:

Apricot Freesia, Cherry Blossom, Coconut Citrus Sorbet, Cranberry Pomegranate, Plumeria, Linden Blossom to name a few!


  • No need to heat this recipe as the combination of Shea and Olive Butters will whip at room temperature
  • Place the Shea Butter, Olive Butter and Silc-Oliv into the mixing jug/bowl and use the electric beater on it's own and whip with the balloon whisk attachment for a couple of minutes
  • As the butters start to turn light and creamy, adjust the speed - you can increase the speed beating until the mixture is nearly white in colour

Little Pots of Shea and Olive Whipped Butter

  • Now add the Rosemary Oleoresin Extract and Crisp Apple Rose Fragrance (or Green Tea & Lavender) and mix in well to combine 
  • It's ready once you have reached a nice fluffy texture that you are happy with 
  • Carefully spoon into the pots, using a bread and butter knife or spatula to scrape into the pots, wipe the rims and you can lid them up immediately

Little Pots of Shea and Olive Whipped Butter

 To see a more advanced version of this type of product, see our Whipped Cocoa Jojoba Body Butter Recipe.