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Aussie Soap Supplies has been leading the way in supplying the best quality ingredients and packaging to Soap and Lotion Makers! We've been happily serving Home Crafters, Small Business and Professionals for over 15 years. However, if you are just starting out, you'll find loads of free recipes and tutorials in our Free Formulary


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We are getting there!  After the release of our new website, a Herculean endeavour, we are now able to begin tidying up the bits and pieces such as missing graphics, broken links and formatting.  

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How long will my cream or lotion last? Which is the BEST preservative?

These are questions we receive streams of emails and calls about.  We do try to explain and help, BUT this is not something we are able to give a definitive answer for you.  Yes, we do sell preservatives, both synthetic and natural, but even those manufacturers of those products will not commit to a shelf life.  There are so many variables involved.  There is NO 'one size fits all' preservative system, but some will overlap depending on your product and your preferences of ingredients.

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