Clay - Bentonite

Clay - Bentonite
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Bentonite is a beige/green/grey coloured clay which is a highly absorbent, swelling clay that draws oils and toxins from the skin and also tightens and tones the skin.  Great for oily skin and in shaving soaps.

Bentonite Clay is commonly used to provide slip for easy razor gliding in shaving soaps.  However, as it is a swelling clay, so allow for this with your water content. (Kaolin is good too, and doesn't absorb so much water).  You can also use this to add viscosity to some toiletry recipes.

Not suitable for sensitive or dry skin.

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Suggested Product Usage Rates:

Spa use: Facial, Body and Capillary masks - In combination with other powders within a formula - between 10 and 30%
Spa use: Facial and Body Muds - In combination with other powders within a formula - between 5 and 25%
Liquid Soaps and Shampoo:  2 - 10%
Soap Spa Bars for deep cleansing:  5 - 20%

To use in Regular Soap Bars as Colourant:

Cold Processed Soap:  1 dessertspoon to 1 tablespoon per kilo of soap (swirling will use less).  Mix into a slurry with either water or thinly traced soap before adding to soap prior to Fragrance or Essential Oils.

Melt & Pour Soap:  1 teaspoon per 500g of soap base (all types).  Mix the clay to a slurry or paste with some water, Glycerine or Sodium Lactate Plus and gently stir into the melted soap.

Country of Origin: Australia

If you have never used a facial clay mask before, we recommend a small test before continuing with full treatments.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Clay - Bentonite
SKU CLbent
INCI Bentonite
Ingredients Sodium Bentonite