Scrubs, Clays, Muds & Spa

Exfoliate! Easy recipes for Sugar and Salt Scrubs, Masks, Sugar Scrub Cubes and Clay Treatments
Gentle Almond & Clay Facial Cleanser
This is my Lush-ious take on almond facial cleanser
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Oat, Cucumber & Green Tea Face Mask
Treat yourself to a soothing and relaxing facial treatment mask.
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Clay & Spa Mineral Bath Soaks
These Bath Soaks are for nourishing body and soul.
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Buff-It Bars
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Emulsified Sugar Scrub Recipes
Emulsified Sugar Scrubs leave your skin feeling soft, pampered and smooth,...
Honey Clay Mask by Susanna Ellyssa
This recipe is published here with kind permision of Susanna Ellyssa
Gentle Facial Clay Scrubs
These scrubs don't contain harsh exfoliants, just pure clays and minerals.
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Mineral Mud Pack Primer
Where to start with Mud and Mineral Packs?  Here! 
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