Zinc Oxide BP

Zinc Oxide BP

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Zinc Oxide Pharmaceutical BP

Our pharmaceutical grade Zinc Oxide Powder can be helpful in soothing irritated skin, is an opacifier, is used in Mineral Makeup and has light reflective properties is often used in Sunscreens.

As this is a mineral pigment it is dispersible in water or oil, but not soluble.

Particle Size: 0.3 - 0.85 microns (this means it is NOT a nano sized particle)
CAS # 1314‐13‐2
CI: 77947
Country of Origin: Netherlands

Safe for Lips, Eyes and Skin generally

Please note:  We are unable to offer advice on the formulation of sun screens and sun blocks as these are regulated by the TGA.  Cosmetics Info Org is a good starting point to research these products.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Zinc Oxide BP
INCI Zinc Oxide
Ingredients CI 77947;
Zinc Oxide BP