Sensuous Sandalwood Fragrance

Sensuous Sandalwood Fragrance

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Reformulated. Not for Cold Process Soap update June 23. See below.

Our classic Sensuous Sandalwood is the most alluring, sexy scent you will ever smell.  It works well in any men's soap, this fragrance will add a woody, lush and sensual note to any blend.  It smells great alone too, not too masculine.  With native Sandalwood being an endangered species and Western Australian Sandalwood so expensive, this Sandalwood the first choice for many soapers.

Blends well with Vanilla, Citrus, Woody Notes as well as many other top notes

Click HERE for Blending Ideas for Sandalwood Essential Oil, which are also very nice using Sensuous Sandalwood

Soaping Notes: We have retested a sample from the new drum In Cold Process Soap and found that this fragrance accelerates rather impressively - this was not previously the case.  We are currently reformulating for Cold Process Soapers.  Sensuous Sandalwood is still suitable for all other applications.

Usage amount:  We recommend using 3.5% of the oil weight or 4.5% of the batch weight for Cold Process Soap for a medium strength scent, full details below and on Additional Info Tab.

Vanilla Content:  0%
:  63°C
Scent Type:  Spa, woody
Shelf Life:  2 years
Safety Notes: Do not apply undiluted directly on skin
Full usage information:  On additional info tab to the right.
Phthalate free
Brand:  Artisan Fragrances by Aussie Soap Supplies
Country of Origin:
All our Fragrances and Lip Flavours are suitable for Vegans
Gluten Free

Packaging:  Amber Glass.  However, we now offer 500ml size Fragrances in HDPE Bottles to help save freight to remote zones. It is important to decant the Fragrance into Amber Glass for storage.

Update June 23:  Some customers reported acceleration beyond what we experienced in our initial testing.  We have retested a sample from the new drum and found that this fragrance accelerates rather impressively in Cold Process Soap - this was not previously the case.

Product Yes/No    Recommended Maximum
    Usage Amount   
Bar Soaps (CP, MP, HP) Yes Up to 4% [9.A]
Liquid Soap, Body & Shower Gels
   (inc baby washes)
Yes Up to 4% [9.A]
Bath Products (Bath Bombs, salts, oils, soaks etc) Yes Up to 4% [9.A]
Conditioners, Shampoos (inc baby)
   Facial Cleansers (washes, gels, scrubs, etc)
Yes Up to 1.5%  [9.A]
Body Creams, Hand Creams, Foot Creams
   (ie lotions, moisturisers etc)
Yes Up to 1.5% [5A]
Facial Creams, Facial Make-up (excl eye cream), Facial Masks;
Yes Up to 1.5% [5b]
Lips No [1]
Candles Yes N/A [11.A]
Household Cleaning  and Scent Products Yes Up to 7% [10.A]



Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Sensuous Sandalwood Fragrance
Quantity each
Testing, Usage and Soaping Notes Tested using Cold Process Soap Kit Pouch: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, segregated, Sustainable Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Cocoa Butter. Fragrances are NOT tested in discount water batches.
Melt & Pour Soap Yes
Vanilla Content 0.00%
Creams, Lotions, Masks Yes
Flashpoint °C or °F 63ºC
Cold Process Soap Does accelerate in Cold Process Soap - this was detected in subsequent re-testing.
Bath Bombs, Bath Fizzies, Bath Oils etc Yes
Household products (sprays, cleaners, pot pourri etc) Yes
Body Scrubs, Lotions & Moisturisers Yes
Liquid Soap, Body Wash, Hair Care Yes, a small test batch is recommended