Scrubby Castile Liquid Soap
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 30 mins
  • Yields 240g


Natural Liquid Castile Soap

We have been asked for some suggestions on using our Castile Liquid Soap in new ways.  We still love it in our Foamy Bottles, but after gardening, you might like to try this scrubby liquid soap.

Because of the Clay and the ground Walnut Shells I prefer to pack it into a Stubby Shampoo Bottle with a Pump as our Contour Oval Bottle (White with a Blue Pump) so you can't see the product - it can look a bit err … rustic due to the earthy ingredients!

Tip:  If using a pump or the lid with the flip top it may occasionally become clogged.  We recommend a quick shake prior to use as this disperse the particles evenly.  We made this with our Regular Castile Soap, but if you use your own liquid soap, or our Organic Liquid Soap, the mixture will be much thinner - you may wish to add more clay.  If you prefer a scoopable product, increase the clay and add some ground pumice and pack into a tub or pot.
Not suitable for use in our Foamy Bottles

We have suggested a 250g recipe due to the clay and walnut shell.   We also suggest the addition of some preservative
(0.75 - 1g Liquid Germall Plus for this quantity) if you wish to keep this product for a period of time.  Alternatively make this small amount and use within a month.  This is quite important as you may have little cuts and grazes on your hands after a gardening session.


230g Liquid Castile Soap
5g/ml Organic Calendula Extract
2 Tablespoons Golden Spa Minerals or French Kaolin Clay - optional
3 Tablespoons Ground Walnut Shell
2 Teaspoons Distilled Water
Up to 1 1/2 teaspoon or 6 ml or Essential Oil/s of choice or Fragrance

Essential Oil suggestions:

1 part Lavender Essential Oil, 1 part Valencia Orange Essential Oil
1 part Rose Geranium Essential Oil, 1 Part English Rose Fragrance

Personally I love fruity hand wash, so I enjoy a Passionfruit & Papaya scrubby wash
and also Black Currant and Pomegranate or Moonlight Pomegranate.



  • Combine the clay and distilled water in a medium jug or bowl and mix into a slurry – this eliminates dry pockets in the liquid soap
  • Now add half the Castile Soap and mix well to combine – you need to eliminate lumps
  • Next add the rest of the Castile Soap and stir
  • If using preservative, mix this in now
  • Add the Ground Walnut Shells and stir to combine
  • Now add the Calendula Extract and Fragrance or Essential Oils and stir ensuring they are well combined
  • Pour into the Shampoo Bottle

To use: Wet your hands, then pump or pour a little Soap Mixture into the palm of your hand and rub vigorously to remove dirt and grime, then rinse and moisturise. For a more gentle hand treat for exfoliation, gently massage into the palms and backs of your hands and then rinse. Follow with some Moisturiser with your favourite scent.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Scrubby Castile Liquid Soap
Short Description

In answer to queries on alternative ways of using our Castile Liquid Soap in new ways

Difficulty Beginner
Yields 240g

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Scrubby Castile Liquid Soap

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