Festive Room Scenter Pot Pourri
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 30 mins


Christmas Pot Pourri


Seasonal Pot Pourri!  I love making these and our large size printed Cello Bags are perfect for packaging if gifting or selling.  These are perfect in bowls on coffee tables, and I fill a large, old fashioned cauldron in our fire places (no fires in Oz at Christmas of course!)

I scent these with Energy Fragrance, which just seems to zing and match the shiny, gold tipped pinecones, but if you prefer choose any festive or summery scents!  You'll find a list of Bramble Berry Fragrances here

 You'll need:

  • Small to medium Pine Cones

  • Assorted Botanicals - minicones, dried flowers (I love Jasmine flowers) - really anything that looks interesting that you come across.  You can collect these from your own garden too over the year

  • Gold Spray Paint - craft or hardware store

  • Energy or other Fragrance

  • Printed Cello Bags in Large (if using large pine cones) if gifting or selling

TIP:  I also include a 10ml bottle of top up fragrance in the pack - 10ml Amber Bottles are here

What to do

  • Cover work surfaces with newspaper, and if possible work outside under a carport out of the wind

  • Place larger pine cones on paper and give them a quick spray with the gold paint and allow to dry

  • in a large bowl or bucket, mix the rest of the dried botanicals and add a good "whack" of fragrance - I personally like around 20ml per 2 litre icecream container measure

  • I then drip a few drops of fragrance on each of the larger pine cones

  • Allow this to all sit in the shade overnight to dry and settle down

  • Pack the smaller botanicals into the bag and nestle 3 larger, golden cones in the top, pop in a bottle of top of scent and tie the bag and label