The Festive Formulary

A collection of projects we've compiled especially for Christmas gifting. You will find these projects in their own specific categories too, but this will save time when planning your next #SoapyHandmadeChristmas

Soap Paint Recipe with Christmas Decoration
If you would like to make these stunning soaps, instructions are on Soap...
Chocolate Fudge Melt & Pour Soap Squares
Our Melt & Pour Soap Choc Fudge Squares smell just as delicious as the...
Beeswax Christmas Tree Decorations
It is so easy to make these stylish, scented decorations for your...
Caramel Vanilla Bath Fizzy Tablets
Scented with Warm Vanilla Sugar Fragrnace and coloured with Caramel Clay...
Palm Free
Fairy Floss Trio, Soap, Scrub & Lip Balm
Set of 3 Cotton Candy Products
Conditioning Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes
Single use Sugar Scrub Cubes are so popular, and this recipe is a snap to...
Blueberry Cheesecake Melt and Pour Soap Cakes
This Bramble Berry project features Blueberry Jam Fragrance, and it's just...
Buff-It Bars
This is our version of that now famous exfoliating buffing bar.
Palm Free
Cup Cake Lip Balms
We're just in love with our new Maxi Cup Cake Lip pots, they are sure to...
Palm Free
Argan & Oat Winter Lip Treat
This lip treat is enriched with Argan and Oat Oil
Palm Free
Chill Pill Fizzies with Epsom Salts and Kaolin Clay
Scented with Green Tea and Lavender, our Chill Pills contain soothing...
Palm Free
Savons au lait Cold Process Soap Set
Savons au Lait - 3 soaps, 3 milk combo's  (Yes, milk soaps)
Palm Free
Simple Elegance Melt and Pour Soap
Classic fragrance, elegant recess design
Gelati Melt & Pour Soap Spheres
We love our Soap Sphere Mould, if you want to make some fun balls of soap,...
Melt and Pour Soap Christmas Baubles
When I first used the fabulous 4 Sphere Mould I overfilled the cavities,...
Festive Geometric Melt and Pour Soap Loaf
Geo striped soaps with Cranberry Fig
Festive Ribbons Melt & Pour Soaps
Festive Melt & Pour Soap Ribbon Embed Soaps
Happy, Stripey Melt & Pour Soap Cubes
Sometimes it’s fun to have a play with colour and soap!  This...
Easy Festive Melt & Pour Soaps
Short on time? This tutorial is a quick and easy, yet effective solution...
Little Pots of Shea-Olive Whipped Butter
Light, whipped moisturising Olive and Shea Butters
Palm Free
Jojoba & Almond Dry Hands Treatment Sticks
These are packed full of nourishing butters and oils
Palm Free