Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

Melt & Pour Soap = instant gratification!

You can make any of our projects Palm Oil Free by substituting the regular base with our Palm Free Bases

Honeycomb Olive Diagonal Stripe Melt & Pour Soap
A four layer loaf, scented with the delish Pure Honey Fragrance and...
Palm Free
Chamomile & Lavender Cleansing Bars
Soothing and moisturising, this is a pumped up Shea Butter Soap
Butter Mint Truffle Guest Soap
A calorie free bath treat from BB
Apricot, Fig and Clay Melt & Pour Soap Loaf
Autumn Fig Fragrance, with clays and natural exfoliants in this Melt and...
Errol the Owl Soap Bars
Everyone loves owls!
Palm Free
Melt & Pour Soap - Fish in a Dish Tutorial
Fish in a Dish Kit online tutorial
Blueberry Cheesecake Melt and Pour Soap Cakes
This Bramble Berry project features Blueberry Jam Fragrance, and it's just...
Simple Elegance Melt and Pour Soap
Classic fragrance, elegant recess design
Quick & Easy Chamomile Oat Solid Shampoo Bars
Make your own customised Solid Shampoo Bars
Fairy Floss Melt & Pour Soap Loaf
Fun Cotton Candy scented soap!
Juicy Couture Type Goatsmilk Melt and Pour Soaps
A fun, happy, grown up soap project
Palm Free
Twin Glitter Hearts Melt & Pour Soap
A pink and glittery embossed Shea Butter Melt and Pour Soap Tutorial
Sea Breeze ITJ Melt & Pour Soap
Our Palm Free Melt & Pour Soap Base is probably the easiest MP Soap...
Palm Free
White Rose Melt and Pour Soap Loaf
Classic fragrance and colour
Tree of Life Melt and Pour Soap Tutorial
Earthy and unisex, scented with Rustic Wood and Rum
Palm Free
Marshmallow Fun Soap
Fun, floating soap!
Palm Free
Peony Re-purposed Melt and Pour Soap Log
We used up left-overs and some fresh Goatsmilk Melt and Pour Soap for this...
Festive Geometric Melt and Pour Soap Loaf
Geo striped soaps with Cranberry Fig
Festive Ribbons Melt & Pour Soaps
Festive Melt & Pour Soap Ribbon Embed Soaps
Shea & Sea Clay Melt and Pour Spa Bars
Sea Clay has an abundance of minerals, but it can be a little dull, so we...
Shea & Brazilian Clay Spa Soaps
Naturally coloured with Brazilian Clay, and lightly scented with...
Using Bits & Bobs Melt and Pour Soaps
Disc Moulds are perfect for making left over soap look brand new!
Saturn Interplanetary Melt and Pour Soaps
This fun interplanetary project makes soap that look like Saturn!
Sage & Lemongrass Lean Green Loaf
I wanted tall and lean and fresh and clean, and Sage & Lemongrass...
Barista's Mocha Melt and Pour Soap
For the coffee lovers in your life!  A light, exfoliating coffee...
Happy, Stripey Melt & Pour Soap Cubes
Sometimes it’s fun to have a play with colour and soap!  This...
Lavender Garden Melt & Pour Soap Squares
A great project to using up bits and pieces from the soap room.
Melt & Pour Soap Layered Clamshells
Everyone loves layered soaps, they are fun to make and fun to use, and if...
Sweethearts Melt and Pour Soap Loaf
An embedded heart in a Melt and Pour Soap loaf scented with Yuzu fragrance
Chocolate Fudge Melt & Pour Soap Squares
Our Melt & Pour Soap Choc Fudge Squares smell just as delicious as the...
Melt and Pour Quattro Circular Soapy Tutorial
Where does your inspiration come from? Sometimes from us, we hope!
Charcoal and Rose Clay Spa Bar
Melt and Pour Project - Charcoal and Rose Clay Spa Bar by Soap Queen
Easy Festive Melt & Pour Soaps
Short on time? This tutorial is a quick and easy, yet effective solution...
Melt and Pour Soap Christmas Baubles
When I first used the fabulous 4 Sphere Mould I overfilled the cavities,...
Lemon & Poppy Seed Melt & Pour Soap
As part of our "back to basics" Melt & Pour Soap tutorials, this is...
Passionfruit & Shea Gardeners Soap
A quick and easy soap bar deliciously scented, and scrubby!
Honey Comb Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Squares
Honey Comb soap using bubble wrap to embed the pattern.
Honey Ale Melt & Pour Soaps
Perfect soap solution for the man in your life!
Oatmeal Melt & Pour Soap Instructions (Kit)
This tutorial is primarily for our Oatmeal & Honey themed Melt & Pour Soap...
Erin's Cool Strawb Lattice Soap from the SWI
This is from Erin Pikor who was also a teacher at SWI 2010
Honey Ale Beer Soaps
Our "Glass of Beer" is made with Melt & Pour Soap Base and Bramble Berry...
Wildflower Honey Spa Bar
Golden Spa Minerals give this bar it's unique look.
Checkered Soapsicles - by Soapylove!
Soapylove is a talented Melt and Pour artisan soaper has shared this...
Melt & Pour Soap Ribbon Embed Soaps & Loaf
These stripey soaps are relatively easy to make as long as you take your...
Melt & Pour Soap Frosting Recipe & Technique - by Soapylove!
Many years ago (back around 2002) I used to make my Peach Pie and
Perfect Plumeria Melt & Pour Soap Loaf - by BB
This is Bramble Berry's super Plumeria Melt & Pour Soap Loaf
Mint Chocolate Chip Melt & Pour Soaps
Mint Chocolate Chip Soaps at the Otion store - you can make these using...
Soap Paint Recipe with Christmas Decoration
If you would like to make these stunning soaps, instructions are on Soap...
Ducks in a Row Tutorial from Otion
Check out these fab little duckie soaps, made by Otion!
Gelati Melt & Pour Soap Spheres
We love our Soap Sphere Mould, if you want to make some fun balls of soap,...
Jude's Soap Dough
Soapy play dough makes for great fun, pre-bath and is easy to clean up...
Handmade Scrubby Gardener's Soap - Soap Queen Tutorial
Loofah is so easy to use in Melt & Pour looks and this Video Tutorial...
Neon Ambrosia Soap Tutorial from SQ
This is such a fun project! This project is inspired by a class Erin Pikor...
Melt & Pour S'Mores Soapy Treats
This project uses three soap bases, which you may have already. The...
Neopolitan Ice Cream Melt & Pour Soap Loaf
Making my summer Gelati products recently had my brain moving swiftly to...
Chamomile and Vitamin E Organic Soap Bars
Very gentle and mildly exfoliating with some fine Kaolin Clay, we used our...
Anne-Marie’s Beautiful Spring Soaps
These gorgeous feminine flower soaps are made by Anne-Marie at Bramble...
Birthday Cake Soap Loaf Tutorial
This calorie-free, creative soap loaf is by SoapyLove
Rainbow Cylinder MP Soap Project
This loaf is made by "layering" the soapy cylinders amongst White Melt &...
Anne-Marie’s Citrus Slice Soap Tutorial
Instructions for making realistic citrus slice soaps by SQ
Melt & Pour Candy Swirl Pinwheel Soaps
Another cute project by Soap Queen
Green Tea & Cucumber Loofah Soap
These are lovely,  invigorating morning soap
Soothing Aloe & Nettle Soap
A gentle and soothing soap for freshly scrubbed hands.
Fun Melt & Pour Project for Kids - Jigsaw Pieces
If you are needing a fun and easy activity during the school holidays, or...
Making Spiral or Swiss Roll Soaps using Melt & Pour Soap - aka Rolled Soaps
This is a very versatile technique using Melt and Pour Soap
Tanya's Berry Butter Melt & Pour Soap
This fab recipe has been sent to us by Tanya C – thanks so much Tanya...
Jelly Bean Melt & Pour Soap Loaf
Our "Jelly Bean Loaf" is made with our natural Melt & Pour Soap Base, our...