Foamy Bath Butter Recipes

What is FBB? It's a scoop-able, whip-able soft soap base for making creamy cleansers, soaps and scrubs, it's also SLS and SLeS and paraben free!
Green Tea and Lavender Creamy Soap
This versatile, soft whipped soap is lovely to use as a hand soap, body...
Foamy Bath Butter with Botanical Scrub Granules (Kit Instructions)
Instructions for our Foamy Bath Butter Kit with Scrub Granules
Jojoba Bead Whipped Foamy Bath Butter Scrubs
Whip up some exfoliating, scoop-able soap!
Foaming Foot Scrub Treatment
Foaming Bath Butter and Neroli & Shea Blossom Fragrance combine in...
SQ's Quick & Easy Whipped Shaving Cream
Sometimes time just doesn't stretch to making your products from scratch,...
Easy Whipped Foamy Bath Butter Recipes 2
A couple more ways to quickly whip up some scoopable soap! Whip,...