Candles, Herbal, Kitchen and Cleaning

Recipes for Candles, Soy Melts & Tarts, Wax Decorations, Herbal products, kitchen and green cleaning ideas
Making Soy Wax Tarts
Soy Melts or "Tarts" are such fun to make, and make instant gifts that are...
Filling Foamy Bottles
Easy steps to filling our Foaming Pump Bottles
Bugs Bugs Bugs!
Insect repellent recipes and suggested Essential Oil information
How to Infuse Herbs
Herbal infusions have been made throughout history - both for their...
How to Make Soy Container Candles
Container candles are easy to make, so have fun! You can use any candle...
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How Easy is it to Make Soy Container Candles?
How easy is it to make Soy Candles? VERY, so make it a family event!
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Castile & Vinegar Soap Scum Cleanser
Soap scum is a fact of life if you use any natural soaps – sad but...
Beeswax Christmas Tree Decorations
It is so easy to make these stylish, scented decorations for your...
Carpet Refresher Powder
Carpets and rugs can become tired and let's be honest, just a bit "on the...
Pot Pourri Making and Recipes
Creating your own home made Pot Pourri is so satisfying! Recipes for...
Bi-carb Soda and Green Cleaning
We thought alongside our Green Cleaning Pack it would be useful to offer...
Making Room Sprays
We are frequently asked for information on how to make room sprays. The...
Making Floating and Mini Candles
Floating candles are really easy to make, so have fun! The main thing to...
Herbal Pillows for Sleep, Travel and Kitty
It is very comforting tucking a small fragrant pillow packed with herbs...
Herbal Tea Recipes
Aren't Herbal Teas great? No calories, they are amazingly good for us and...
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Herbal Pillow for Sinus
The blend of herbs are particularly suited for sinus headaches
Making a Natural Beeswax Palm Pillar Candle
This stunning candle was created by Virginia, who has been “playing”...
A simple homemade herbal "shampoo" can be made using Soapwort Root...
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Lavender Lemonade
I love it when I can use my own plants in the kitchen and soap lab
Scent Stones - Original Recipe by
Scent Stones - Original Recipe by
Tansy Cookies Recipe
From A Country Harvest by Paula Michael