Polyquat 7

Polyquat 7

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Polyquat 7 is a very versatile, cationic polymer used in skin and hair care products.  An excellent, safe and stable addition in Shampoo, Hair Conditioners, Shower Gels, Body Wash, Moisturisers and Lotions contributing conditioning and a silky feel.

When included in hair care, Polyqyat 7 contributes improved wet and dry comb-ability, reduces static, is substantive without build up and increases sheen and lustre. Polyquat 7 also offers improved curl retention (for permed hair) and helps reduce colour fading from frequent shampooing of coloured hair.  In shampoo formulations Polyquat 7 enhances foam stability and bubble size.

Polyquat 7 can be used in a hair conditioner using our Conditioning Emulsifier as the primary conditioner, with Polyquat 7 acting as a "co-conditioner" adding further benefits such as easier combing, lustre and softness.

When included in your skincare formulations, Polyquat 7 adds an elegant and conditioned after feel on the skin.  Polyquat 7 offers some moisturisation by film-forming and contributes a positive skin feel and improved application.

Although compatible in most formulations, it has a strong compatibility in anionic formulations. 
Not compatible with Veg-Emulse

CAS #: 26590-05-6
pH (@ 25°C): 6.5 - 7.5
Usage Rate: 1 - 5%

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Polyquat 7
Palm Free Icon Yes
INCI Polyquaternium 7