Hearts and Flowers Melt & Pour Soap Loaf
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 1 1/2 hours
  • Yields 10 - 12 bars


Hearts & Flowers Melt and Pour Soap Loaf

This project uses 95% Clear Soap Base, but if you preferred you could make the whole project in pastel colour shades by using White Soap Base.  The mica colours won't shine, but you will have a nice matte, pastel colour (like the pink heart embed on top).

What you need:


  • 2 x microwave safe jugs (1 x 500, 1 x 1 litre)
  • Tall, stable jug or glass to sit the embed moulds in whilst they set up
  • Covering for the jugs between pours (cardboard is fine)
  • Spatulas, spoons or stirring sticks
  • Digital Scales - To make exact layers
  • Ruler or measure
  • Thermometer – Really helpful, though optional - ideally you are pouring at around 60 - 65°C
  • Pipette or dropper for fragrance
  • Isopropyl Alcohol and Spritz Bottle

Hearts and Flowers Melt & Pour Soap Loaf

Step One:

I like to make the cylinders ahead of time whilst I am making other projects so they are ready to go

  • Dice all the soap and keeping the colours separate
  • Make 2 x Heart Embed Cylinders - melt 300g Clear Soap, 4ml fragrance and 1/2 teaspoon Pink Raspberry Mica (adjust if necessary).  
  • If using one mould, pour the first one, and once it is set up, remove from the mould, reseal the cylinder and re-melt the soap left in the jug and pour the second heart cylinder
  • 130g Clear Soap, 2ml fragrance with Coral Crush Mica using the Flower Embed Cylinder
  • 130g White Soap Base (or some Titanium Dioxide into clear soap base) for the pink hearts on top of the loaf


Step Two:  

  • Wash the small jug if necessary, and place 750g clear soap base cubes into it, and 440g into the other
  • Place the smaller jug into the microwave and heat in short bursts until it has melted 
  • Now add ¼ teaspoon Merlot Mica and 4g/ml fragrance and stir well.  Spray with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any surface bubbles or dissolve dry spots
  • Place the loaf mould onto the scales, tare to zero and then pour 220g into the mould, then spritz with alcohol
  • Allow to set 
  • Now place the 750g soap base into the microwave, cover with a piece of card and heat in short bursts until it has melted.  Melt in short bursts until the soap is liquid. Take care not to overheat the soap – if it overheats it will affect the fragrance and make your soap more prone to sweating
  • While this is melting, trim the embed cylinders so that they are a snug fit for the mould - if they are too short it is much more difficult to position them when layering
  • Check the soap in the microwave, it may need a stir during melting
  • Once melted remove from the microwave and add 3/4 - 1 teaspoon of White Pearl Mica and 7 - 15g fragrance and stir well to combine
  • Spritz the coloured, set soap in the mould and then ease in the first embed cylinder (you can place in any combination you like, but this one must be just a mm above the soap layer
  • Then spritz the cylinder and carefully pour the pearl soap until the embed cylinder is just covered
  • Allow this 10 minutes or so to set
  • Now repeat with the other two embed cylinders - the white pearlescent soap will just cover the three embedded soap cylinders
  • While this sets up, slice the pink heart cylinder into ½ cm slices
  • Remelt the remaining Merlot coloured soap
  • Sprtiz the surface of the set soap and pour over the remaining Merlot colour soap
  • Now, working quickly spritz the hearts and place them in line with the ruler, evenly spaced so that when you cut the loaf, they will be nice slices just over a centimentre wide
  • Now spritz again and allow to set up over night
  • Slice down between the hearts on the top of the soap making nice uniform thickness slices.
  • Wrap as usual


 If using "Add to Trolley" 2kg Clear Soap Base is included, but no Titanium Dioxide or White Soap Base is.  If you don't have any offcuts you can select any opaque base or purchase 15ml Titanium Dioxide with the links above - there will be soap base left over for other projects.