Exfoliant Sampler Pack

Exfoliant Sampler Pack

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With the introduction of our Botanical Exfoliants, we thought it was time for a sampler so you can trial several different exfoliants in smaller trial sizes.

Our Exfoliant Sampler Pack includes  a variety of our exfoliants, from ultrafine to a little more scrubby!  You can use them in everything - Foaming Cleansers, Moisture Creams, Foamy Bath Butter, Scrubs and Soaps - an exfoliant for every occasion. 

One of our favourite products to use for exfoliation is Foamy Bath Butter, there's recipes in the formulary, and a Kit available - having a base makes it much easier.  You can also use them in all your other Bath and Body products, including lotions and of course Soap!

Information on individual scrubs in this pack can be found on individual product listings on the website on the Exfoliant Pages

Our sampler pack contains the following:

  • Apricot Powder 30g
  • Bamboo Powder 20g
  • Cherry Powder 30g
  • Jojoba Beads, White 10g
  • Loofah, Medium Shredded, 10g
  • Olive Powder 30g
  • Pumice, Ground 50g
  • Walnut Shell 30g

Why exfoliate?  If you are new to this, here's a quick explanation: 

The skin has it's own natural exfoliation process (the sloughing off of dry, old skin cells) which is happening all the time in a cycle of about a month - this process is self maintaining for some people, but not everyone.  The bottom layer of the epidermis gradually becomes harder, and works its way up to the surface.  Those cells are dead, and then flake off, revealing the fresh, new cells underneath.  Sometimes, it's useful to speed up this process, especially if you feel dry and flaky, and many of us make exfoliation part of our skin routine.  Of course the face needs careful exfolation, using the finest, roundest scrubs materials, whilst legs, feet and elbows can be helped with really heavy duty scrubs!

Suggested Usage Rates - adjust this to suit your personal preference:

Cold Process and Melt and Pour Soap:  5 - 15%
Body Scrubs:  5 - 20%
Foot Scrubs:  5 - 20%
Facial Use:  1 - 3 %

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Exfoliant Sampler Pack