Cup Cake Lip Balms
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 30 mins
  • Yields 50 - 60g


Easy Cup Cake Lip Balm

We're just in love with our new Maxi Cup Cake Lip pots, they are sure to brighten anyone's day! We used some of the Maxi Lip pots and as well as some of our Mini Lip pots for this batch You'll find the Maxi Cup Cake Lip Pots here, or Mini Cup Cake Lip Pots here, and of course you can also use our Macaroon Lip Pots or regular Lip Pots or Tubes too!

You can also purchase a kit to make 100g of Lip Balm in our Cup Cake Lip pots here

Each batch makes approximately 50g in weight.  The lip balm level should be 10g per pot, any more and the lid will touch the base when you close it, I actually find 9g in the Maxi pots is perfect.


Equipment You'll Need:

  • 1 dropper or Pipette
  • 1 Pyrex jug or mixing bowl - 250 - 500ml size
  • Knife, spatulas etc
  • Paper towels


Easy Cup Cake Lip Balm


  • Set out ingredients, equipment and the Lip Pots ensuring they are stable and level ready to pour into

Easy Cup Cake Lip Balm
  • I use a "rice bed" to sit my lip pots in, which supports the decorated tops when the pots are open

Easy Cup Cake Lip Balm
  • Remove from Microwave when mixture is completely melted, but be careful not to overheat - aim to work at 70 - 85°C, if it is setting up at 70°C, work a little warmer
  • Now add lip flavour and Lip Smacking Sweetener to taste (our measurements are just a guide) - test as you go, what is perfect for me, may be too sweet, or not sweet enough for you!

  • You can test your batch for sweetness by dropping a small amount of balm onto a cold spoon and having a taste, adjust flavour if required

Easy Cup Cake Lip Balm
  • Carefully pour into the pots, just under filling them. If you over-fill them, when you close the lids, the top of the balm will stick to the lids. If the mixture begins to set around the spout or edges of the jug, just give it a short blast in the microwave again

Easy Cup Cake Lip Balm


  • Allow to set completely, this doesn't take long
  • Click down the lid and you are done!
Easy Cup Cake Lip Balm