Zinc and Castor Oil Cream No. 1
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 45 mins
  • Yields 200g


Zinc and Castor Oil CreamWe have had lots of requests for this simple, but effective formulation.  This formula is anyhydrous (contains no water) so doesn’t require a preservative. It is also known as “traditional Nappy Rash Cream” even though it's not actually a cream (emulsion).  It is thick like a baby balm, but this can be altered by adjusting the wax to oil ratio.

This is a small batch, so accurate weighing is really important to keep the formula accurate.




250ml Pyrex or similar jug
Stirring spoon
Digital Scales



  • Weigh all ingredients into a Pyrex jug and heat in Microwave to 75°C

  • Stir the mixture ensuring all the waxes are completely liquid

  • Allow to cool a little and stir until the mixture comes together in an emulsion and the Zinc Oxide is dispersed completely and evenly

  • Continue to mix intermittently until completely cold. The mixture requires stirring during cool down to ensure the Zinc Oxide stays dispersed and the mixture remains homogenous