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Wow!  It was time to update this page!  We first began distributing Bramble Berry Fragrances and other soapy goodies in 2002, though we had been using their fragrances well before this time.  Back then not many soapers in Australia had heard of them, and Soap Queen was yet to be born!  We first came in contact with Bramble Berry when we began importing their fragrances for our retail soap business, and so it was a natural progression when we began teaching and supplying hard to find soap supplies to Australians, that we wanted to introduce Aussies to their fab products.

Now, most soapers are aware of Bramble Berry (aka BB) and Soap Queen.  Bramble Berry are our team partners with whom we have worked with for over 12 years now!   We had the pleasure of being accepted as Bramble Berry's first International Distributor.  We are still naturally very excited about this, and we have a strong relationship with BB.

The main reason for choosing an alliance with the Bramble Berry is because Anne-Marie and BB hold very similar views regarding supplying quality, dependable products, information and free recipes and tutorials, and a high level of customer service.  They are still leaders in the field of soapmaking fragrances and up to date packaging, moulds and more. You (and we) can completely depend on their products and fragrances, with a full description of the characteristics of the fragrant oils that Australians require.  When we began there were no specialty cold process soap fragrances available in Australia.

We like to buy Australian, like most of us, and had tried for many years to pin down our local manufacturers (some of which are actually importing from the US and UK - if not their finished product, the initial bases for their fragrances).  After nearly a decade of frustration and finding our retail customers were demanding the sophisticated soap fragrances they could purchase overseas, we decided to link up with Bramble Berry, whose reliable and delicious fragrances we have been using for a very long time now.

Both Anne-Marie and ourselves are committed to personally testing all our Fragrances, which is especially important for Cold Process Soap.  Bramble Berry has two independent tests for each fragrance (so a total of 3 tests prior to making to their shelves).  We are both happy to trouble shoot soap problems for our customers. If you use one of our Fragrances and cannot get it to work in your recipe, we'd like to hear about it so we can work with you to ensure a successful soap on the next batch!

Since 2001, our inventory of Bramble Berry Fragrances has grown and grown, and we continue to enlarge our range - soaping is a fast moving, and exciting industry to be involved in.

Anne-Marie and all at Bramble Berry are a delight to do business with and we look forward to our continuing a long and rewarding business relationship.

Jude and David

Bramble BerryWe are proud to be the only authorised distributor of Bramble Berry Fragrances and products in Australia.
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