Using Bits & Bobs Melt and Pour Soaps
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 1 hour


Using Bit n Bobs MP Soap leftovers

Not a specific tutorial here, just some ideas and inspiration, so dive into that leftovers box again, and make your left over Melt and Pour Soaps come back to life!  I think we all have little bits and pieces of both Melt and Pour Soap and Cold Process Soap offcuts and some projects that you may not be 100% happy with.

We have used our Disc Mould Packs so there is no issue storage and avoiding sweating.  You can purchase Disc Mould Packs HERE.

Disc Mould

I know my stash grows in the lead up to Christmas and New Year when I try new techniques and make loads of soap for gifting, and of course, not everything turns out the way I plan!.  I sort my bits and pieces into similar colours ready for blending into new soaps

 Bits and Bobs Melt and Pour Soaps

I always have a little bit of unused soap base in Clear and White  so I can embed, or have contrast - don't forget the alcohol - it's your Melt and Pour Soap Glue!

 Bits and Bobs Melt and Pour Soaps

 A hand grater is useful for shredding and chunking recycled soap

Bits and Bobs Melt and Pour Soaps 

Spray all the embeds with alcohol so the soaps stay together when being used.  They you can layer, make new shapes, embed, shred and pour.  

Bits and Bobs Melt and Pour Soaps 

I used my left over bits of pieces of Goatsmilk Soap too - just some Royal Gold Mica into some clear base, and poured it "through" the white base!  I also swirled with green left over soap that I melted  into a plain white base too!


Bits and Bobs Melt and Pour Soaps