Ultra Thin Spray-able Lotion
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 1 hour
  • Yields 200g


Ultra Thin Spray-able Lotion

To learn more about Durosoft ® PK-SG, scroll on down past the formulation.  Note this product is now called:  Durosoft PG4L-SG

This lotion is something I have tried to formulate several times over the years, an ultra-thin, stable, spray-able lotion – this new emulsifier has helped me perfect it!  These spray-able lotions can be sprayed using our Blue Boston Spritz Bottles or larger Squat Boston Bottle with Spritz closure, so they really do what the name says!

The formula is a good basic starting point and somewhere to work from.  This formula makes 200g of product, it is where I started before progressing to more complex sprayable formulations.   This formulas use Xanthan Gum as a natural thickener, but if you have not used xanthan before, it can be a little tricky; just take it slowly and follow the hydration instructions exactly.  If you end up with any little lumps, remove them before proceeding to Step 3 or practice hydrating the Xanthan Gum before moving to complete the formulation.

This formula is cold processed, so no heating required.

Water Phase

162g Distilled Water (81%)
 0.6g Liquid Germall Plus (0.3%)
0.4g (½ sample measure spoon) Xanthan Gum (0.2%)
   3g Durosoft PG4L-SG (1.5%)

Oil Phase

  30g Sweet Almond Oil (15%)
    3g Durosoft PG4L-SG (1.5%)
    1g Fragrance or Essential Oils of choice (0.50%)

 2 x 115ml PET bottle with Spritz Spray Top or 1 x 170ml Squat Boston Bottle with Spritz Spray Top


Mini Mixer or Coffee Frother (as this batch is only 200g, for larger batches you can also use a stick blender)
2 x 250ml Pyrex or similar Jugs
Measures, spatulas, paper towels etc


NOTE:  It is important to follow the processing directions as given below to achieve a successful, stable product.

Step One

  • Measure Distilled Water into a mixing jug and add the Liquid Germall Plus, stir to combine well
  • Have the Xanthan Gum on a small measure spoon
  • Place the mini mixer into the water mixture and begin stirring, this creates a vortex in the centre of the jug – this is important!
  • Whilst you have the mixing going, and the vortex in the centre, slowly pour in the Xanthan Gum – this way you avoid the lumps
  • Mix intermittently for up to 30 minutes to ensure it is fully hydrated
  • After this time add the first portion of Durosoft ® PK-SG and mix well

Step Two

  • In a separate jug combine the second portion of Durosoft ® PK-SG and the Almond Oil

 Step Three

  • Place the mixer into the water phase jug and turn it on, then pour the oil mixture into the jug, and then increase the speed, mixing frequently for up to 20 minutes (If using a stick blender you’ll need to use quick blasts, not continual stirring
  • Bottle into spray/spritz bottles once set up

Note this product is now called:  Durosoft PG4L-SG

Read more from the manufacturer of this amazing emulsifier:

Naturally Derived RSPO Polyglycerol Ester Emulsifier
DUROSOFT® PK-SG is an O/W naturally derived polyglyceryl-4 ester emulsifier, which uses patent-pending technology to provide the widest HLB range for a greater stability profile.


Product Features

  • Made using 100% RSPO certified segregated sustainable Palm Kernel Oil
  • Natural
  • Cold process
  • PEG free
  • Easy to use
  • Skin friendly
  • Provides wide HLB range of 4 - 14 for a greater stability profile
  • Compatible with both oil and water phases
  • No co-emulsifiers required
  • No heating or cooling
  • No deleterious effect on temperature sensitive ingredients
  • Stable water-thin emulsions easily achieved
  • Creates stable water-thin emulsions that are truly cold process
  • No heating or cooling is required
  • Thicken to create higher viscosity lotions/creams as desired
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 85%
  • Reduce production time by up to 70%
  • Overall significant reduction to carbon footprint of finished products
  • Create more natural formulations
  • Broad pH stability
  • Good electrolyte tolerance
  • Simple processing, without the use of high-shear
  • Cold processing enables the addition of temperature sensitive ingredients earlier in production
  • Can be used hot process