Two Layer Silky Smooth Cold Process Soap Log
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 1 hour
  • Yields 10 - 14 bars


This is one of my earlier recipes from our teaching workshops.  We keep this on the site as it is so popular still!

This batch will fill our Wooden Loaf Mould with Silicone Liner comfortably, and can be a one colour pour or, alternatively, divide into two as our picture shows you for a two tone log which is wonderful sliced with our Cutter Blade or Crinkle Cutter. You can of course also use our Flexible Mould - Loaf (Regular).

This recipe makes a very hard bar that has a lovely silky texture and fluffy lather.



We used 1/2 teaspoon Titanium Dioxide Powder thrown into the Lye Water for the entire batch

We coloured our batch with a combination of Citrus Orange Lake Powder hydrated in a little oil - or you can use Citrus Orange Lake Liquid and Brites for CP Green mixed with Deep Seagreen Liquid Pigment Dispersion which brings the tone back to a nice mint green



For how to make soap from Scratch, please see our Cold Process Soapmaking Instructions Page

We divided our batch into two equal portions for a horizontal layer. To make a two layered soap loaf:


  • Bring the soap to medium trace and then divide the batch into two heat proof jugs - to get this exact weigh each portion

  • Colour and fragrance the base layer using half the fragrance allowance and carefully pour into the log mould

  • If using the thin line of mica, dust this across the surface now

  • Then colour and fragrance the top layer using the rest of the fragrance

  • Check that the base layer has started to set up a little (so that it is firmer) and ready to take the top layer

  • Then carefully pour the second layer over the back of a spoon so that the soap doesn'¬ít make any depressions into the base layer

  • Cover and insulate as normal

Alternative design: To make a diagonal line in a log mould you will need to wedge the log mould on an angle firmly. Two stacks of old books works well, and then padded out the hollow under the base with towels or wedges of foam. 

:  If using one of our Wooden Log Moulds, secure the removable base and mould with tape or elastic bands if laying the mould on the diagonal.  If you aren't confident propping up the wooden log mould, go for our Silicone Loaf Mould.


  • Once the mould is wedged firmly on the angle, carefully pour half the soap into it.

  • Now colour and fragrance the other half and WAIT.  If you have too heavy a trace it will set up too soon.

  • Once the soap is almost firm to touch, carefully sit the mould flat again

  • Then pour the second colour from a very LOW height.  A light trace works best and try pouring over the back of a spoon or spooning it carefully over the first layer to avoid an uneven line.