Tips for Using Flexible Tropicana Moulds

Tropicana Flexible Soap Mould
NOTE:  This mould manufacturer ceased production, so we are unable to restock this style.  This usage guide is here for customers who have already purchased this type of mould.

Our Flexible Tropicana Moulds are high quality LDPE moulds (PVC doesn't last long and is not as robust) as many customers make Cold Process or Hot process Soap and expect their moulds to last a long time.  Our Commercial Grade Moulds will outlast their poorer cousins big time, and do not require the careful handling during unmoulding that the lesser quality moulds do.  These moulds are also food safe and you can make stunning chocolates and other goodies with them!

Tropicana Moulds do not require "priming" or to be coated with oil before use.  Your quality mould is flexible and soaps unmould with ease. The mould material may slightly warp after multiple uses due to the heat.Should this occur, you can correct this by putting the mould in the oven (lay the mould on a tray) at 90°C for about 5 minutes. You may want to put a weight on each end on the cavity to ensure the mould flattens out.  Let mould cool with weights on it before use.  This heat method may not work for every design but will aid to some degree with the unevenness.  Too much heat will cause mould to thin and cause further unevenness.

Do not use any type of oil as the oils to coat the mould as they eventually eat away the material.After each use, wash the mould with hot soapy water to remove any soap base and dry the mould and keep it stored in a cool area. We do not recommend washing in a dishwasher or using boiling water.  If washing the mould after making candles or soy tarts, as you may need to use hotter temperature water, so do not leave submerged for extended periods.

Soapmaking is easy with Aussie Soaps Flexible Tropicana Moulds!