Tiger Stripes Cold Processed Soap
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 1 hour
  • Yields 10 - 14 bars


Tiger Stripes Cold Processed Soap - with Earl Grey Lemon

This type of soap design is called "tiger design" - as the finished result is very much like the coat of a tiger.  I made two batches, one in each colour set, so have included the graphics for both batches here for you.

This soap is Palm-Free and also includes Sodium Lactate, which along with the hardness of the bar, aids mould release and adds moisturising properties. and was designed for our Silicone Loaf Mould which makes unmoulding a breeze.

If you would a chunky tiger as pictured, head for medium trace, if you want a very fine zebra-like stripe, you need to work at very light trace and use a lot more layers.  You may have a little soap left over, depending on how high you pile in the layers, so keep some spare moulds on the bench and pour the left overs into those

Note:  Earl Grey Lemon Fragrance has been deleted, so we recommend using Energy Fragrance or Litsea Cubea (May Chang) Essential Oil



  • Stick Blender (of course!)
  • Your usual soap pot and lye equipment
  • 2 x 1 litre sturdy plastic or Pyrex jugs or pots (NOT glass and NOT aluminium)
  • Spatulas
  • Scales are essential

 Tiger Stripe Cold Processed Hand Made Soap



  • For how to make soap from Scratch, please see our Cold Process Soapmaking Instructions Page 
  • If you are a beginner, we recommend you make a few batches before attempting this soap as it can be a little overwhelming trying so many new things when just starting out. If you are more experienced, you can follow the instructions below
  • Prepare all ingredients and the mould as usual 
  • Bring mixture to very light trace, and then divide into two even batches (I weigh my soap to be sure). Remember, the thinner you would like your stripes, the thinner the trace required 
  • Colour one jug with the the white mica (or orange colour if making the orange batch) and mix lightly to combine evenly 
  • Colour the second jug with either Black Lustre Mica or Black Liquid Pigment Dispersion, again mixing lightly to keep the trace ligh

     Tiger Stripe Cold Processed Hand Made Soap
  • Pour half of the fragrance into each jug and give a quick stir manually to combine thoroughly but not increase the trace too much

 Tiger Stripe Cold Processed Hand Made Soap

  • Now time to work fairly quickly 
  • Pour the first layer in the base of the mould, with good coverage at the edges, which begins to create the curve for the "striped" effect

     Tiger Stripe Cold Processed Hand Made Soap
  • Using the back of a spoon or a spatula, now pour the next layer down the centre of the loaf 
  • Now repeat with the "white" colour jug, ensuring you are building a mould towards the centre of the soap 

 Tiger Stripe Cold Processed Hand Made Soap

  • Continue layering alternate colours until you reach the top of the loaf, mounding it nicely in which ever colour you wish to finish with (mine is black as you can see! 

 Tiger Stripe Cold Processed Hand Made Soap

  • Spritz with alcohol and dust with mica or glitter 
  • Allow to firm up, then insulate and put your loaf to bed until it has gelled 
  • Unmould the next day and slice the soap loaf 
  • Allow 6 weeks to cure 

The following graphics are the orange batch to use as a guide if you are going with this colour scheme 

 Tiger Stripe Cold Processed Hand Made Soap   Tiger Stripe Cold Processed Hand Made Soap   Tiger Stripe Cold Processed Hand Made Soap

  • TIP: If you overfill your moulds (like me!) you can use a warm/hot heat pack along the sides of the moulds under the insulation to keep the sides straight and encourage gel.  Or, if you aren't encouraging gel, you can use a couple of bricks wrapped in an old tea towel to keep the sides nice and straight.