Tanya's Berry Butter Melt & Pour Soap


This fab recipe has been sent to us by Tanya C – thanks so much Tanya for sharing your creative Soapy Talent !


I have been ‘playing around’ with M&P soap recipes and came up with a winner – at least, my friends and family think so…..hope you enjoy it too!!....Tanya C

Photo Courtesy www.allotment.org.uk


Ingredients: (see note below)

1 lb (approx 460 grams) Melt and Pour Goats Milk Soap Base
2 tablespoons Buttermilk Powder blended with approx 2 teaspoons filtered water and 2 teaspoons Aloe Vera Gel
1 tablespoon Mango Butter
2 tablespoons pureed Raspberries, blended using approx 2 teaspoons filtered water
Rose pink liquid food coloring – approx ½ to 1 tsp (or try Brites for MP Hot Pink or Carmine Dispersion - drip slowly until colour suits)



  • Melt soap base gently in microwave (follow any good Melt & Pour soap-making instructions)
  • Add Mango Butter and stir in until melted – reheating gently if required.
  • Add Buttermilk Powder, Aloe and water blend and whisk to incorporate well
  • Add pureed raspberries** and colouring
  • Whisk well again
  • Stir gently with a spoon until slightly cooled and thickened to suspend berry seeds evenly through soap.
  • Pour into moulds

**If pureeing frozen berries they may be too cold when added in and soap mixture could turn lumpy. If this occurs simply gently reheat until mixture stirs smoothly again.)

Note: I didn’t add any fragrance, preferring this soap to be naturally scented. You can add ½ to 1 tsp Sun Ripened Raspberry or other berry/fruit fragrance to suit.