Sweet Pea Delight Cold Processed Soap
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 1 hour
  • Yields 10 - 14 bars


Sweet Pea Delight CP Soap

How lovely is this Cold Processed Soap? Tanya C has shared her recipe with us, so why not make this luscious, feminine soap, designed to celebrate Mother's Day.

This soap has a creamy base colour with a pink and mauve swirl.


  • Add silk fibre to water and sprinkle sodium hydroxide on top of silk carefully!  Follow all safety procedures for mixing lye solution.  Silk will dissolve as the lye dissolves; stir occasionally.  Allow to cool to 30°C

  • Add Titanium Dioxide powder to either oils or aloe juice depending on whether it is liquid or oil dispersible.   Bring oils to 30°C.  I soaped a little cooler to help slow trace down a bit.  I add my aloe juice to my oils before mixing in the lye solution (just a personal preference, and may help keep the batter a lighter tone in the finished product)

  • Follow instructions for an ITP swirl.  I used about 1 cupful of traced soap batter for each of my two colours - colouring one 15 drops Pink Brites for CP and the other with 15 drops Brites NG Hot Pink and 5 drops Brites NG Sky Blue

  • I used a Nizzy 12 bar divider mould (we now stock Silicone 12 Bar Rectangle Moulds) and after pouring in the soap batter I waited until it had reached a thick trace then swirled top of soap with a chopstick to get the texture in the pic.  Then place dividers and cover for gel.

Note: Most florals do accelerate trace to some extent, so if you are inexperienced, use full water content.