SQ's Quick & Easy Whipped Shaving Cream
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 45 mins


Whipped Foamy Bath Butter Shaving Cream Soaps

Sometimes time just doesn't stretch to making your products from scratch, and that's when our pre-made bases come to the rescue! We have a Make it from Scratch Shaving Cream in our Bubble Bubble Toil and Confusion Book, but this Soap Queen Whipped Shaving Cream Soap is very handy if you don't want to make it from Scratch, or when you are pressed for time, particularly for last minute Father's Day and Craft Fair commitments.

This page links you to the tutorial at Soap Queen for a quick fix!  This Whipped Creamy Shaving Soap contains Foamy Bath Butter, Organic Chamomile Herbal Extract and Bentonite Clay.  This is scented with Bramble Berry's Blue Man Fragrance, though our Men's Fragrance Sampler will give you ample choice to split this batch into several scents.  You can pack into a Wide Necked Tub or Jar, or even Bail Jars

You'll find the Soap Queen's Quick & Easy Whipped Shaving Cream here

You can view ALL of Anne-Marie's Soap Queen Tutorials on her You Tube Channel Soapqueen TV - there are dozens and dozens of them!

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Please note: Anne-Marie's program is made in the USA, so measurements are not in metric, but imperial, and some regulatory information details will be a little different in Australia. Some colours may also be slightly different, but we stock similar colours which give the same results. Techniques are, of course, exactly the same!