Spout Pouch, Large

Spout Pouch, Large

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Spout Pouch: Large, 3kg Capacity, Heat Resistant

Our new heat-resistant Plastic Spout Pouches are great if you like to portion out your oils ready to soap or make lotions.  They are perfect for mixing your customised massage oil blends as you just weigh the oils in, twist on the lid and shake a couple of times - super easy!  They are easy to fill (we use a funnel) and also if you purchase your oils and liquid products in large sizes you can use these to keep them packed down in easier to manage quantities.

Though you can re-melt the oils in the microwave do keep an eye on them to avoid leakage or boiling!  We like to slightly loosen the screw lid to allow for expansion, and also sit them on a plate or bowl to ensure any drips don’t make a mess.  If you prefer to use hot water, it’s a best to boil the water in the kettle, stand the pouch into a bowl or pan and then pour the hot water from the kettle into the bowl to avoid melting the pouch the bottom on the pan after it has been on the cook top.

Capacity: These pouches can hold 3kg (7lbs) Liquid Oils or Liquid Soap, Shampoo or Conditioner.
Dimensions when empty (internal seams):  31 high x 23.5cm wide 13cm gusset width
Materials:  Comprised of bonded layers -  PET, Nylon and LLDPE


  • DO NOT boil the bags on the cook top with the bag sitting on the metal base of the saucepan

  • DO NOT use an oven or toaster oven to heat

  • Do not use for long term storage of pure (undiluted) essential oils or fragrances.  If your fragrances have been shipped to you in these bags we recommend transferring to amber glass for long term storage.

  • When melting solid oils in the microwave, place pouch into a bowl or casserole and ensure you loosen the Tamper Tel lid a little so pressure does not build up in the bag when heated.  Retighten the lid, shake a couple of times, and then it is ready for pouring the warmed oils

  • DO NOT leave un attended in the microwave - ever!

These are the bags Bramble Berry pack their liquids in - we too will now be using these for larger sizes Fragrances and Liquids.  Here's a note from one customer:

"I absolutely love these bags. I use them to batch oils. I spent a day weighting out and melting oil for individual 5lb batches. It makes life so much easier. If I just want to make a couple batches of soap, all I do is mix up my lye and melt the oils in the microwave. It saves the time of pulling out all the individual oils"

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Additional Information

Name Spout Pouch, Large
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Spout Pouch: Large, 3kg Capacity, Heat Resistant