Soy Container Candles using Ikea & Recycled Jars


Bramble Berry Fragrances

Soy Wax Container candles are easy to make, so have fun! You can use any candle specific containers, or with Soy, recylced jars, other candle containers. The ones pictured we purchased from Ikea, we love these jars, we've already burned these candles and washed the jars and re-used them!. Recycled Peanut Paste jars and similar are great too, just make sure you check diameter vs wick size. Large candle tins, pailss and pots may need wicking with two of the larger HTP wicks.


About Soy Wax

Apart from its ease of use and biodegradability, one of the great benefits of Soy is that is a completely sustainable, renewable product. Why else is it great? It burns cleanly – this means no black “soot” like you see from a paraffin or gel candle.

For this project using the Ikea Candle Containers, I made just 3 candles, and so the weights below are are a guide, if you want to pour more, just multiply the quantities.

Ikea Candle Containers

What you need:



  • 200g Soy Wax - this project used Eco Soya 135 though you can use Eco Soya Advanced too
  • 12g Fragrance - This batch was Rosehip and Jasmine
  • Strong glass or purpose made Candle Containers
  • Thermometer
  • Stirring Stick or pop sticks
  • HTP 52 Wicks - pre tabbed
  • Glue Dot or small dab of blue tack or hot glue gun (or you can use pop sticks or skewers to centre the Wick
  • Heating Vessel for the wax - we use a pyrex jug for safety, or a microwave safe jug (500ml size)

Safety notice - NEVER leave heating wax unattended. Occasionally stir the wax whilst melting to ensure that it melts evenly and doesn’t burn


Ikea Candle Containers





  • Melt the soy wax to a temperature of 60 ° C. If you leave the wax on too high of heat it will begin to discolour and even evaporate out


  • Arrange wicks in the containers whilst the wax is melting. A glue dot or some blue tack works well to anchor the wick. You may want to trim the wick to half size and I sit a pop stick to keep it central. Sit the jars on a double layer of old towel and place some newspaper on top of this. The towel will keep the glass containers above the cold worktop, and any spills will absorb into the newspaper


    Ikea Candle Containers


  • When the wax is completely liquid, add the fragrance.


  • Stir in the fragrance completely to ensure a clean and even burn. We recommend a fragrance load of 5 - 7% We used 6% in this batch which is 12g


  • Pour into your pre-wicked containers


    Ikea Candle Containers


  • Allow your candles to cure for 48 hours before burning. The longer you wait for a cure time, the better the scent throw will be



Ikea Candle Containers


Burning Tips


  • Make sure your wick is trimmed to about a 0.5cm (¼ inch)
  • It is important for clean burning to keep the wick trimmed
  • When you first burn a candle for the first time, burn for 1 hour for every 2.5 cm (1 inch) of its diameter, then extinguish. This helps prevents tunnelling
  • Make sure you place the candle is on an even, heat–resistant surface whilst lit. Use a special saucer or plate and never leave burning candle unattended




  • Make sure your containers are room temperature or slightly warmer before pouring
  • HTP 52 Wicks were used for both of these sized containers, but you may need to test for other fragrances or different diameter contaienrs
  • If the wick “drowns” in liquid wax the most likely cause is the wick is too small for your candle
  • If the candle smokes when burning, and it is not in a draught, then the wick is too large. Replace with a smaller size wick
  • If the candle burns to one side of the jar, the jar is either standing in a draught, or the wick is off centre
  • If you have a hollow craters around your wick, heat the top of the candle up with a heat gun or Hair Dryer to allow a little wax to melt into the hollow – no need to remelt the entire candle



Final tip for Economy: If using small jars, use a small piece of blu tack to anchor the offcuts from your wicks to make another wick for half the cost!