Soothing Aloe & Nettle Soap
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 30 min
  • Yields 4 bars



Aloe and Nettle Melt and Pour Soap

This is lovely soap, both for everyday, or after gardening when you want a gentle and soothing soap for freshly scrubbed hands.  We have used Goatsmilk Melt & Pour Base and a variety of moulds.

This batch we scented with Cucumber Melon Fragrance and coloured it with our Deep Seagreen Liquid Pigment Dispersion. However, any fresh, "green" scent works well, and we also particularly like Lavender Green Tea Fragrance, not to mention our Lavender Forest Fragrance for more refreshing scents.

You’ll Need:

Easy Instructions:

  1. Dice the soap base into 1 cm cubes  into a microwave save jug (or a double boiler for the cook top) and melt inthe microwave on medium or medium low 
  2. This may take a couple of minutes, so heat in 30 second bursts to ensure it doesn't over heat
  3. Remove from the microwave and stir through the Aloe Gel and Nettle Extract into the melted soap until well combined
  4. Colour the soap base to a depth you are happy with and stir well to ensure an even distribution of colour
  5. Spritz with alcohol to remove any bubbles on the surface
  6. Now add fragrance and gently stir well
  7. Pour into moulds and allow to set
  8. When completely cold remove from mould – wrap if desired to keep out moisture and prevent “sweating”

NB: Don't forget to spritz with alcohol between any layers you make