Shampoo Ultra Thick - Pastilles

Shampoo Ultra Thick - Pastilles

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A shampoo making essential!  Shampoo Ultra Thick is a high performance, vegetable derived thickener for aqueous surfactant solutions, meaning that if your formula contains water you can use Ultra Thick to thicken it.

Incredibly effective, in most cases you only need between 0.5 - 1% to create a thicken shampoo consistency . In addition to being an exceptional thickener, this product also imparts mildness into surfactant-based systems, such as a body wash or shampoo, by reducing the irritation potential.

Ultra Thick Pastilles are best added to the surfactant phase to melt.  Though their melt point is 45°C, I find it best to h eat to 80°C and allow to melt completely.  Add proteins and heat sensitive ingredients after the surfactant phase has cooled down a little, or after combining water and surfactant phases together.

This ingredient is NOT cold processable, use Shampoo Ultra Thick Liquid for pre-made shampoos, liquid soaps and cleansers.
Recommended use levels:
0.5 - 2.0%

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Shampoo Ultra Thick - Pastilles
INCI PEG 150 Pentaerythrityl Tetrastearate