Semi-Cold Processed Light Moisture Cream
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 1 hour
  • Yields 600g


Semi Cold Processed Light Moisture Cream

This formula uses a similar method to make as our water thin spray-able lotions (with Durosoft PK SG and Xanthan Gum), but the viscosity is increased with Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol.  By adding a fatty alcohol (Cetearyl) to build the viscosity the method to process is slightly different, and is heated when you add the Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol.  The inclusion of Silc-Oliv and Liquid Shea Oil add a touch of luxury and smoothness during application and afterfeel.

NOTE:  It is important to follow the processing directions as given below to achieve a successful, stable product.


Water Phase

Oil Phase

Final Phase


All your usual lotion making equipment
Stick blender - with low speed
Coffee Frother - I use this for the Xanthan Gum
Mini Mixer or Coffee Frother (as this batch is only 200g, for larger batches you can also use a stick blender)
1 x 250ml and 1 x 1 Litre Pyrex or similar Jugs
Measures, spatulas, paper towels etc

Step One

  • Measure Distilled Water into mixing jug
  • Have the Xanthan Gum on a small measure spoon
  • Place the mini mixer into the water mixture and begin stirring, this creates a vortex in the centre of the jug – this is important!
  • Whilst you have the mixer going, and the vortex in the centre, slowly pour in the Xanthan Gum – this way you avoid the lumps
  • Mix intermittently for up to 20 minutes to ensure it is fully hydrated
  • After this time add the first portion of Durasoft PK and mix well

Step Two

  • In a separate jug combine the second portion of Durasoft PK and the Avocado Oil, Liquid Shea Oil and Silc-Oliv

Step Three

  • Place the mixer into the water phase jug and turn it on, then pour the oil mixture into the jug, and then increase the speed, mixing frequently for up to 10 minutes (You can use the stick blender here if you want to – exercise caution as it’s high shear, alternatively continue thorough mixing with the mini mixer.  If using a stick blender you’ll need to use quick blasts, not continual stirring.

Step Four

  • Heat the lotion batch to 70°C in the microwave – keep an eye on it, it must not boil
  • Place Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol into a separate small jug and melt in the microwave until it is 70°C 
  • Combine the two phases (at 70°C) using the stick blender to blend until homogenous
  • Give a quick blast of the stick blender intermittently during cool down to achieve maximum thickness

Notes Specific to this Formula

*Liquid Germall Plus should not be added over 50°C, however you can select another preservative if you wish to use the original processing method.  If you prefer to stick with Liquid Germall Plus do not add it in the Step One, but at cool down as you would in a normal emulsion process.

Semi Cold Processed Light Moisture Cream

For more information on Durosoft PK-SG download this PDF

If using the trolley, there is no fragrance or essential oil included.