Scrubby Sugar Cubes - Fudge Type
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 30 mins
  • Yields 350g


Scrubby Fudge Cubes


These scrubby Sugar Cubes are the fudge type.  We have had customers asking us for a recipe for these, so this is one of the recipes we've been working on.

What are these? Scrubby Sugar Cubes are a solid "cube" of sugar scrub used to exfoliate, or slough off dry, old skin cells. Exfoliating helps to rejuvenate the skin and make it feel soft and moisturised.

This recipe uses Caster Sugar, and this requires more sugar to coat absorb the mixture than if you choose a larger granule sugar.  They make very cute fudge like squares, though you can see I also used and Ikea Icecube Mould to make the hearts.

Instructions are given for melting ingredients in a microwave, but a Bain Marie or double boiler is also suitable.




You'll need non stick or silicone baking tray, ice cube trays or soap moulds and a pair of latex or vnyl gloves


  • Weigh ingredients separately and place Cocoa Butter and Conditioning Emulsifier into Pyrex jug and melt in microwave - don't allow to boil 
  • Once melted, add Shea Butter and Jojoba and gently heat until all are liquid 
  • Remove from heat and add Melt & Pour Soap chunks and gently stir until dissolved 
  • Add colour if using - ensure this is OIL SOLUBLE - choose either micas or lip colours 
  • Stir colour through until there are no specks visible 
  • Now add fragrance or essential oils and stir well until combined 
  • Put on gloves 
  • Now work quite quickly, add the sugar, using a spoon to stir initially, and then use your hands to combine into a paste 
  • Place into the baking tray or moulds and press FIRMLY to ensure good adherence and to force out any air 
  • If using a tray, cut into small squares before mixture sets 
  • Refrigerate for 20 minutes to set them quickly 
  • Unmould when set, easing carefully from the moulds 


To use:

Take to the bath and shower, and use as you would a pumice stone.  Do not use on the face.

We recommend you store the cubes in an airtight jar to keep them fresh for ages, or if you are giving them as gifts they can also be packed into cello bags.



If using moulds for the cubes make sure you pack the mixture in REALLY firmly or they will break up on unmoulding.  If you observe any liquid when pressing in the mixture, you 'll need to add more sugar.

If pouring into a tray mould for making cubes, press firmly, and slice whilst still warm with a thin bladed knife.  Allow to cool and then remove from the tray.

When choosing colour, you'll need to use oil soluble colour of choice - this can be either our lip colour, any of our mica range or our oil soluble natural colourants. If choosing Brilliant Blue or Cellini, Blue Mica,  make a trial batch to ensure the pH doesn't affect the colour.

Fragrances that discolour may well affect the colour of the cubes, so again, make a trial batch to be sure your chosen ingredients are compatible.


You can substitute or Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol or E Wax NF instead of the Conditioning Emulsifier.