Scrub Granules - Cherry

Scrub Granules - Cherry

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Natural, Botanical, Scrub Granules. 

Entering the natural exfoliant area is Cherry!  Our fine Cherry Scrub Granules are ideal for use in facial, body and foot scrubs. 

How is our Cherry Powder made?  Firstly, the pits (stones) are washed in water and brushed to eliminate any traces of fruit flesh. They are then dried, crushed and sorted removing the kernels. This way any micro-organisms that might be present on the shells are eliminated.  They are then milled (ground) to a fine granule making them suitable for use in body, foot and also facial scrubs. 

This is the finest size botanical scrub we stock - so well suited to sensitive skin and facial use.
This granule is a “fine” size (300 microns).  They are totally natural and environmentally sound.  They are sustainably and responsibly processed by a small co-operative in France and they pose no risk to our oceans and rivers.

Suggested Usage Rates:

Cold Process and Melt and Pour Soap:  5 - 15%
Body Scrubs: 5 - 20%
Foot Scrubs: 5 - 20%
Facial: 1 - 3 % 

CAS:  89997-5-35 
Granule Size:  300 micron
Area of Origin:  EU (France)

In facial scrubs and cleansers we recommend gentle massage as the skin is more delicate on the face than other parts of the body.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Scrub Granules - Cherry