Scent Stones - Original Recipe by Teachsoap.com


These "stones" are similar to a home made play dough recipe, but you bake them creating a scented product you can use to scent drawers, clothes, pantry and more.

You'll need:


  1. Mix all dry ingredients

  2. Heat water in a Pyrex cup or use direct from kettle

  3. Add the colour to the water and then add the fragrance

  4. Pour water mixture into flour mixture and mix well

  5. Then knead the dough with your hands as you would bread dough

  6. Then roll it out about a 1/2 cm to 1 cm thick

  7. Cut into shapes or use cookie cutters

  8. Another option is to stamp the flat shapes

  9. Let the dough stones dry

  10. They will harden like rocks and will last for months

  11. These may then be displayed in a pretty dish, or something rustic to match your decor.

  12. I am trialled some in my car and they lasted incredibly well