Roller Ball Recipes
  • Difficulty Beginner


Lip Roller Bottle Recipes

This small selection of Lip Glosses and Roll On Balms will give you heaps to be getting on with!  They are not my own recipes, but have been passed on by friends and suggested by customers.  Any of the recipes with glycerine in will not stay in emulsion, as the "oil" and "water" will separate but a quick shake before use will fix this.

Of course with the Lava Gloss, this is the look you really want to achieve - it's great stuff and a winner with teenagers!  There are also some recipes teaspoon measurements as well as we know how difficult it can be without digital scales when using such small amounts.

Roll on Lip Gloss No. 1


  1. Mix all ingredients well, and pour into Roller Ball Bottles

  2. If using mica, try warming the glycerine a little, and stir powder through this before combining

TIP: If you wish to make less, it is absolutely fine to halve or quarter the recipe

Roll On Lip Balm


  1. Melt oil and butters together.

  2. Add rest of ingredients.

  3. Pour into Roller Ball Bottles

Lava Gloss No.1
(Red colour looks pretty amazing!!!)


  1. Mix the glycerine, Lip Falvour and food colouring together

  2. Three-quarters fill the glass tube with the oils, and then add the coloured glycerine.

  3. Make sure to leave a little space for the Roller Ball Bottle

  4. You will see this ingredients separate into two layers, like a lava lamp !

  5. Just turn the roller bottle upside down once to mix before use

Liquid Gloss No. 2


  • Slightly warm all ingredients and mix together

  • If using avocado oil, this oil will make a slightly green mixture due to the avocado oil, you can heighten this colour by using our "green colour" or if using food colour from the pantry, add this to the glycerine

HOT TIP: If you wish for a thicker and glossier finish to your recipes, exchange a thinner oil for some Castor Oil but remember to increase the sweetener as this oil will add a bitterness to the balm.

Alternatively, they make Great Roll On Perfume Dispensers - just add the the fragrance to Jojoba, Meadowfoam, Fractionated Coconut oil and/or Cyclomethicone!