Rice Bran Wax

Rice Bran Wax

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The raw material for Rice Bran Wax is, as the name implies, rice bran, a sustainable and readily available raw material source. Rice Bran Wax is suitable for use in a wide variety of cosmetics, and as a thickener, binding agent, plasticiser, coating and gelling agent.  Rice Bran Wax can be used in anhydrous formulas (no water), such as balms, ointments, salves and body butters, as well as lip balms and in creams and lotions.

Rice Bran Wax is not solvent extracted and is processed using natural carbons and clays. This method of refining means the wax retains policosanols, phospholipids, phytosterols and squalene resulting in a superior quality Rice Bran Wax. It primarily consists of high molecular weight monoesters ranging from C-46 to C-66.

If you are substituting Rice Bran Wax for Beeswax we suggest trying a small batch with the same quantity, or if subbing it for Beeswax, try ⅔ of the quantity in your formulation.  Rice Bran Wax can be used as a large granule “bead” exfoliant, as they are semi-circular in shape with one side flat, and the other side of the bead smooth and rounded, in cleansers and soaps.

Applications: Lipsticks, lip balms, makeup, mascara, sun care, creams, lotions, and bath care products.

*Current stock is a pale cream colour, not deep yellow

Suggested Usage Rates: 1 - 20%
Creams and Lotions:  3 – 5%, Facial Scrubs (as beads) :  1 – 5%, Body Scrubs:  2.0 – 15%, Solid Soap:  0.5 – 3%, Liquid Soaps:  5 – 10%
(In emulsions add to the oil phase.  Typically creams and lotions will require less than 1%, but up to 10% in lip balms)
Vegan friendly
Melting Point:  82°C
SAP Value:  77
CAS #:  8016-60-2
Country of Origin:  USA

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Rice Bran Wax
Palm Free Icon Yes
INCI Oryza Sativa (Rice Bran) Wax
Ingredients Rice Bran Wax