Green Tea and Lavender Creamy Soap
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 1 hour


Green Tea & Lavender Whipped Creamy Soap

This versatile, soft whipped soap is lovely to use as a hand soap, body wash or gentle facial wash.  This creamy whipped soap leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.  . Add a large dollop to the bath – drop it under the running tap for a foamy bath! 

I have gone with a purple theme, though you could go with a green theme using Deep Seagreen Liquid Pigment Dispersion and Lagoon Jojoba Beads.  I added the jojoba beads more for visual interest rather than serious exfoliation, so feel free to increase those if you would like a more scrubby soap.

What You Need:

*Please consider using a preservative – 0.4% Liquid Germall Plus if you are increasing the additives at a higher level


Large mixing bowl or jug
Balloon electric whisk
Spatulas, spoons, measures etc



  1. Add Foamy Bath Butter and CCG Surfactant to a large mixing bowl or jug

  2. Whip until light and fluffy

  3. Add Green Tea Extract, Fragrance and Jojoba Beads and mix through

  4. Spoon into jars – voilá!

If using "Add to Trolley" Lavender Green Tea Fragrance is included, if you wish to use Essential Oil, just delete this and add your preferred Lavender Essential Oil.