Melt and Pour Soap Christmas Baubles
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 1 hour
  • Yields 8 - 16 soaps


When I first used the fabulous 4 Sphere Mould I overfilled the cavities, and when I unmoulded I just saw Christmas baubles waiting to happen!

This tutorial is fairly easy, it's really all about temperature and being able to pour two jugs at once. It's a basic "in the mould" swirl for Melt and Pour Soap.

You will need to make two batches of the two colours of soap baubles, one for each colour, a total of 1000g of Melt & Pour Soap Base, 500g White and 500g Clear.

Pour the soap at between 55 to 65°C (aim for 60°C). 

You'll find the Flexible 4 Sphere Mould HERE . Due to the style of the soap and the over-pouring, you'll have some soap left over to re-melt, as there will be some over-pour.  We used our 9 Ball Large - Flexible Mould for our re-melts.

To make 8 soaps you'll need: 


Stirring spoons or spatulas
2 x microwave safe jugs - Each needs to hold 500 - 750ml
Square of thin cardboard and Sellotape - Make into a funnel
Electronic Scales - If you have them
Isopropyl Alcohol in a Spritzer Bottle - For eliminating bubbles, useful but not essential

Here are colours I used in each batch of four soaps: (each 4 soap pour requires 10ml (2 teaspoons fragrance):
Green and White Baubles - 8 - 10 drops Deep Seagreen Dispersion, 1 drop Black Liquid Dispersion, 1 - 2 drops Brites NG Canary Yellow
Red and White Baubles - 10 - 12 drops Tomato Red Liquid, 2 pigment scoops Merlot Mica
The White portion of each is left uncoloured but is scented.


Melt & Pour Soapy Christmas Baubles


  • Set out the ingredients and equipment ready to go
  • Attach the two halves of the mould firmly together by running your fingers around the mould, note in the picture where the two tabs sit alongside each other (you will experience leaks if this is not fully sealed together)
  • I like to use a little disposable funnel (as pictured) - make this with a square piece of cardboard and tape

Funnels made to pour into the sphere mould

  • Each batch uses 250g White and 250g Clear Soap Base.
  • Dice the soap base into small ice cube sized chunks and place 250g of each base into the jugs. Set aside the rest of the diced base for the second batch.
  • Lightly cover the two jugs of Melt & Pour Soap cubes, and put in the microwave to melt on medium or medium low. This may take a few minutes, so do keep an eye on it so it doesn't overheat.
  • Remove from microwave when liquid and add the colours (as set out above) to the clear soap, and 5g/ml fragrance to each jug, and stir to ensure the colour and fragrance are well combined.

Melt & Pour Soapy Christmas Baubles

  • Place the funnel firmly into the top of the first sphere.
  • With one jug in each hand, pour simultaneously into the mould through the funnel - the soap will swirl itself as it fills the mould space.
  • Continue filling the other cavities right upto the top of the filling hole.

Melt & Pour Soapy Christmas Baubles

  • Allow several hours or overnight so to completely set
  • Peel away the top and then carefully remove the soap taking care to leave the "neck" portion on the soap.
  • If the moulds need cleaning before using again, do this now and repeat procedure with the second fragrance and colour.
  • Unmould as previously.

Melt & Pour Soapy Christmas Baubles

  • The soaps can be displayed in a bowl or jar, or made into baubles with hooks and ties.
  • I use giant size paper clips cut in halves to make the loop - this pushes easily into the soap.
  • Tie with silver or gold cord or a ribbon.

Wrapping: The Coconut Low Sweat base will help avoid glycerine beads appearing on your baubles if you are leaving them out at Christmas, but if the weather turns humid this may still occur.  Either put them out when guests are due, or if you are handy with clear cello, wrap like you would champagne or chocolate truffles and use the ribbon tie to make a loop for the baubles

Trolley ingredients will make 16 soapy baubles

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Melt and Pour Soap Christmas Baubles
Difficulty Intermediate
Yields 8 - 16 soaps

Products you need to make this recipe

Do you have one or more of these ingredients already? No Problem! Just amend the quantities below and the total price will adjust accordingly.

Melt and Pour Soap Christmas Baubles

Liquid Brites NG, Canary Yellow 15ml

x 1 Edit Qty
Melt and Pour Soap Christmas Baubles

Alpine Frost Fragrance Oil 25ml

x 1 Edit Qty
Melt and Pour Soap Christmas Baubles

Flexible Mould - 4 Spheres

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Melt and Pour Soap Christmas Baubles

SFIC Coconut (LSW) WHITE Melt & Pour Soap 1kg

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Melt and Pour Soap Christmas Baubles

SFIC Coconut (LSC) CLEAR - Melt & Pour Soap Base 1kg

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Melt and Pour Soap Christmas Baubles

Liquid Pigment Dispersion - Deep Seagreen 15ml

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Melt and Pour Soap Christmas Baubles

Mica, Bordeaux 10g

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Melt and Pour Soap Christmas Baubles

Dye, Tomato Red Liquid - 15ml

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