Butterflies Melt & Pour Soaps
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 30 mins



 These butterfly soaps are quick and easy to create, and make perfect gifts, use to decorate the bathroom,
or just when you want to spend some quality creative time in your soap room!

Butterflies Melt & Pour Soaps

Note:  This mould is deeper at one end.  I poured level to the lower edge (tail end!) of the moulds.
If you would like to make a deeper bar, nestle the moulds into a tray of rice or similar until they are level.  

What you need: 

Butterflies Melt & Pour Soaps

  Place 150g of each of the soap bases into each of the small jugs and place into the microwave

Heat in bursts of 30 seconds or less until the soap has melted and are liquid

Add approximately 1/4 teaspoon Mermaid Mica in the clear base and stir.  If there are any spots of mica, give them a quick spritz of Isopropyl
Alcohol to dissipate any dry spots or bubbles

Butterflies Melt & Pour Soaps

Add up to 2g/ml (approximately1/2 teaspoon) Fragrance to each jug and stir well

Now it's time to pour!

Take a jug in each hand and pour simultaneously into each mould

If there are any surface bubbles, quick them a spritz with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove them

Butterflies Melt & Pour Soaps

Once completely set peel back the moulds

Wrap after unmoulding as usual