Moisturiser, Lotion & Balm Recipes

Recipes for beginner Lotions and Moisturisers, Balms, Body Sprays and Balms.
Jojoba & Almond Dry Hands Treatment Sticks
These are packed full of nourishing butters and oils
Palm Free
Low Cost Moisturing Lotion
Low cost, high performance!
Rich Argan & Oat Facial Treat - Don't Hold the Oats!
Argan & 3 types of oats to soothe and nourish
Deluxe Ultra Thin Spray-able Lotion
Silky, smooth lotion with Silc-Oliv, Olive Squalane & Durosoft ®...
Semi-Cold Processed Light Moisture Cream
Using Durosoft, Silc-Oliv and Liquid Shea Oil
Ultra Thin Spray-able Lotion
Introducing Durosoft ® PK-SG - 2019.  The manufacturer has...
Buff-It Bars
Palm Free
Saara's Deodorant Cream
This deodorant cream is in fact quite a thick lotion. This is not our...
Nurses Hand Cream
This shared recipe is for frequently washed hands - nurses, gardeners
Honey Clay Mask by Susanna Ellyssa
This recipe is published here with kind permision of Susanna Ellyssa
Anne-Marie’s Foot Balm Recipe
This is an easy to make foot balm.