Moisturiser, Lotion & Balm Recipes

Recipes for beginner Lotions and Moisturisers, Balms, Body Sprays and Balms.
Tutorial - Intro to Moisturiser and Lotion Making
Tutorial - how to make your own lotions from scratch
Jojoba & Almond Dry Hands Treatment Sticks
These are packed full of nourishing butters and oils
Palm Free
Low Cost Moisturing Lotion
Low cost, high performance!
Rich Argan & Oat Facial Treat - Don't Hold the Oats!
Argan & 3 types of oats to soothe and nourish
Deluxe Ultra Thin Spray-able Lotion
Silky, smooth lotion with Silc-Oliv, Olive Squalane & Durosoft ®...
Semi-Cold Processed Light Moisture Cream
Using Durosoft, Silc-Oliv and Liquid Shea Oil
Ultra Thin Spray-able Lotion
Introducing Durosoft ® PK-SG - 2019.  The manufacturer has...
Buff-It Bars
Palm Free
Luxurious Jojoba Butter Balm
This is an all oil buttery balm, with the addition of Dry Flo or Dri Silc...
Palm Free
Whipped Cocoa Jojoba Body Butter
Whipped balms tend to be lighter than un-whipped, and this is an...
Palm Free
Saara's Deodorant Cream
This deodorant cream is in fact quite a thick lotion. This is not our...
Nurses Hand Cream
This shared recipe is for frequently washed hands - nurses, gardeners
Body Yoghurt
This is a light, summery cream - sort of half way between a lotion and a...
Honey Clay Mask by Susanna Ellyssa
This recipe is published here with kind permision of Susanna Ellyssa
Anne-Marie’s Foot Balm Recipe
This is an easy to make foot balm.