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Melt & Pour Soap FAQ
If you have a query about MP Soap please read on …. the answer is...
Using and Caring for Silicone Moulds
Soap Queen tips on caring for silicone moulds
Using Two Part Silicone Moulds SQ - Tutorial and Hearts Loaf
Soap Queen TV Short using 2 piece silicone moulds
Bramble Berry's Soap Queen TV Tutorials
Sometimes it is just so much easier to grasp a new skill by actually...
3D Mould Soap on a Rope - Soap Queen Tutorial
Have you used our 3D Moulds yet? This tutorial will help!
How to Mix Neons and Oil Soluble Colours
SQ Video short on mixing Neons and other oil soluble pigments
Using 3D Designer Soap Moulds
Use our 3D moulds to create unique, professional 3d soaps and massage bars
Embedding Toys in a Melt & Pour Soap Loaf - Soap Queen Tutorial
We still get asked how we used to make our Fish Cakes, and it takes a...