How to's - for everything!
Soap Noodle Recipes
99% of Soap Noodles are made from Palm Oil, ours don't and made from pure...
Palm Free
Making Kids Hand & Body Wash - Mini Tutorial
Using a base is a good way to take control over your ingredients
Soap Queen Hot Process Soap Tutorial
Soap Queen's Video Tutorial explains all about Hot Process Soapmaking
Soap Queen Cold Process Soap Design Directory
Sooo many amazing tutorials....
Deluxe Ultra Thin Spray-able Lotion
Silky, smooth lotion with Silc-Oliv, Olive Squalane & Durosoft ®...
Semi-Cold Processed Light Moisture Cream
Using Durosoft, Silc-Oliv and Liquid Shea Oil
BB DIY Salted Caramel Bath Truffles
You can see the same tutorial on Soap Queen's Blog right here
An Introduction to Cold Processed Soapmaking
Cold Process Soap is magic! It's intriguing, fascinating, and can be...
Bramble Berry's Soap Queen TV Tutorials
Sometimes it is just so much easier to grasp a new skill by actually...
Tutorial - Intro to Moisturiser and Lotion Making
Tutorial - how to make your own lotions from scratch
Cold Process Soap Behaving Badly - SQ Blog Post
Seized soap, volcanoes, ricing, alien brain and more - Cold Process soap...
Conditioning Emulsifier Primer
We are very proud to be the first in Australia to introduce this amazing...
Cosmetics Info Org Website
User friendly, searchable database for personal care ingredients
Do You Colour Bomb Your Bath?
It's easy to do when making Bath Fizzies, Bath Bombs and Bubble...
Filling Foamy Bottles
Easy steps to filling our Foaming Pump Bottles
Getting Started with Melt & Pour Soapmaking
New to Melt and Pour Soap? This quick start guide to will get you started
Coco-Olive Liquid Soap Dilution Guide
Coco-Olive Dilution & Thickening Guide
Palm Free
How to Infuse Herbs
Herbal infusions have been made throughout history - both for their...
Vanilla Discolouration
Vanilla diiscolouration can be a surprise to new soapers. Plan your soap,...
How to Mix Neons and Oil Soluble Colours
SQ Video short on mixing Neons and other oil soluble pigments
Melt & Pour Soap FAQ
If you have a query about MP Soap please read on …. the answer is...
Mineral Mud Pack Primer
Where to start with Mud and Mineral Packs?  Here! 
Palm Free
Mixing Colour for Cold Process Soap - SQ
We recommend soapers "mix it up", and this Soap Queen article shows this...
Properties of Oils and Butters
Guide to the properties of natural oils, infused oils and butters in...
Re-using Essential Oil & Fragrance Bottles
We are often asked about re-using amber bottles.....
Scent Suggestions for Hair Products and Liquid Soaps
We are often asked which Fragrances are best suited to Hair Conditioners,...
Soap Queen - Cold Processed Soapmaking
We are constantly being asked for Workshops and Tutorials on Cold...
Soap Queen Cold Process Video Tutorials
SQ's four "How to make Cold Process Soap" videos
Surfactants - What are they?
Surfactant is Not a Dirty Word!
Why you use Weight not Volume!
Why must you use weight and not volume?