Hair Care, Facial Washes & Surfactants

For more surfactant and beginner formulas, also see our Bubble Bubble Toil & Confusion Book.
Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Confusion Book
Our beginners book on making professional, natural shampoo, body wash and...
Surfactants - What are they?
Surfactant is Not a Dirty Word!
Cream Hair Conditioner Kit - Mini Tutorial
Using our natural base is a good way to get started
Coco-Olive Liquid Soap Dilution Guide
Dilution & Thickening Guide
Palm Free
Simple Hair Conditioner with Oat Protein
Complete novice?  Start here!
Chamomile & Oats Moisturising Hair Conditioner
I have noticed my hair, scalp and face has been particularly dry lately,...
Nature-Care Body Wash
This natural body wash formula is thickened with Xanthan Gum and Lamesoft...
Olive and Oat Hair Conditioner
Olive and Oats = a great hair conditioner
Hair Treatment Oil
Together with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil has historically been used to the...
Palm Free
Oliv-Emulse Hair Masque
This formulation is quite simple - it utilises our Oliv-Emulse, Hydrolyzed...
Anne-Marie's Hot Oil Hair Treatment
A Soap Queen Tutorial, so easy!
Morgan's Hair Conditioners, Creams and Hair Masque
Natural Nutrition Conditioner;  Super Detangling Conditioner; Hair...