For Baby & Little Ones

Gentle formulas for Bubs and Toddlers, and also the elderly
Instant Colloidal Oatmeal Bath Soak
Instant Colloidal Oat Bath Soak
Marshmallow Fun Soap
Fun, floating soap!
Palm Free
Zinc and Castor Oil Cream No. 1
Zinc and Castor Oil traditional Nappy Rash Cream
Gentle Baby & Toddler Melt & Pour Soap
This is lovely soap, both for babies, toddlers and those with sensitive...
Natural Baby Powder
Our Baby Powder recipe avoids the use of Talc, which many people now like...
Go Away Monster Spray
We used to sell these little gems many moons ago when we attended craft...
Baby Bottom Butter
This natural butter-balm is as very easy, almost melt and pour!
Palm Free
Home made Face Paint Recipe
This is a fun recipe Tutorial on Soap Queen to make your own face paint...