Cold Processed Soap Recipes

Recipes for Castile, Palm Free, Textured Top, Goatsmilk, SQ project links
Slide Faux Funnel Cold Process Soap Log
Faux funnel + slide technique, this soap is enriched with Virgin Avocado...
Hemp & Sea Clay Cold Process Spa Soap
Love this fragrance combined with Sea Clay
Palm Free
Bastille No. 2 Cold Process Soap
Bastille No. 2 has Organic Shea Butter and Castor Oil included
Palm Free
Sparkling Champagne Cold Process Cupcakes
Frosted Cupcakes by Bramble Berry is a definite do-er!
Savons au lait Cold Process Soap Set
Savons au Lait - 3 soaps, 3 milk combo's  (Yes, milk soaps)
Palm Free
Energy Column Cold Process Soap Log
Like sunshine!
Palm Free
Blackberry Sage Cold Processed Log Save
Save that Soap! Modified (Faux) ITP swirl - mini tutorial
Palm Free
Bastille No. 1 Cold Process Soap
This is one of my favourite Bastille Cold Process Soap recipes
Palm Free
Lavender Green Tea Impressionist Cold Process Soap
Soap Queen's tutorial on "Impressionist Soap"
Goats Milk Cold Process Soap Recipe - by SQ
If you have graduated from our basic Goatsmilk Soap Recipe try this Soap...
Tiger Stripes Cold Processed Soap
It was time this last winter, as tiger swirls and layers were very...
Palm Free
Soap Queen - Cold Processed Soapmaking
We are constantly being asked for Workshops and Tutorials on Cold...
Black Raspberry & Vanilla Cocoa Butter Cold Process Soap Loaf
This ITP swirl has a layer at the base of the loaf which was uncoloured,...
Neroli & Shea Butter Cold Processed Soap Log
What is ITP? This is a soaper's abbreviation for "In the Pot". This means...
Applejack Peel Autumn Cold Processed Loaf
Delicious Applejack Peel Fragrance features in this yummy soap
Palm Free Fruity Cold Processed Soap Loaf
This is a two layer palm-free cold process soap loaf with a nice dark,...
Palm Free
Sweet Pea Delight Cold Processed Soap
Tanya C has shared her recipe with us, so why not make this luscious,...
Oatmeal Stout Cold Processed Soap
Perfect soap solution for the man in your life! We've been waiting for...
Coco-Macadamia Cold Processed Soap Loaf
This is an ITP swirl using Bramble Berry Sweet Meyer Lemon Fragrance and...
Palm Free
Palm Free Warm Vanilla Sugar Butter Bars
Warm Vanila Sugar fragrance does discolour soap, so we have done a "Blind...
Palm Free
Nizzy's Butterflies in the Mist CP Soap
If you would like to make these fabulous creative Soaps, you’ll find...