Cold Processed Soap Recipes

Recipes for Castile, Palm Free, Textured Top, Goatsmilk, SQ project links
Soap Queen - Cold Processed Soapmaking
We are constantly being asked for Workshops and Tutorials on Cold...
Slide Faux Funnel Cold Process Soap Log
Faux funnel + slide technique, this soap is enriched with Virgin Avocado...
Hemp & Sea Clay Cold Process Spa Soap
Love this fragrance combined with Sea Clay
Palm Free
Sparkling Champagne Cold Process Cupcakes
Frosted Cupcakes by Bramble Berry is a definite do-er!
Blackberry Sage Cold Processed Log Save
Save that Soap! Modified (Faux) ITP swirl - mini tutorial
Palm Free
Bastille No. 1 Cold Process Soap
This is one of my favourite Bastille Cold Process Soap recipes
Palm Free
Goats Milk Cold Process Soap Recipe - by SQ
If you have graduated from our basic Goatsmilk Soap Recipe try this Soap...
Sweet Pea Delight Cold Processed Soap
Tanya C has shared her recipe with us, so why not make this luscious,...
Palm Free Warm Vanilla Sugar Butter Bars
Warm Vanila Sugar fragrance does discolour soap, so we have done a "Blind...
Palm Free