Lavender Bath Milk
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 30 mins
  • Yields 2 x 350g batches


This is a lovely, relaxing milk bath scented with Lavender Essential Oil, or if you prefer one of several Bramble Berry Lavender fragrance blends.

Lavender Essential Oils:

French Lavender Essential Oil
English Lavender Essential Oil
New Zealand Lavender Premium Essential Oil
Lavender 40/42 Premium Essential OilLavender Bath Milk

If you prefer to go with fragrance we suggest:



  • Place Natrasorb into a glass or pyrex bowl
  • Drip in the essential oil/s and stir through well to eliminate lumps - the mixture will resemble fine breadcrumbs
  • Place the milk powder and oatmeal into the bowl and mix
  • Place one heaped tablespoon into a large heat sealable teabag and carefully seal with the edge of the iron
  • Store bags in an airtight container or decorative jar ready for use 

To Customise:  

For Vegans, use dairy free Coconut Milk Powder or Soy Milk Powder.

You can also mix it up with other milk powders by using singly, or a blend of:    goat milk powder, skim milk powder
Dried herbs are optional, and if you grow your own, you can use dried calendula, lavender, lemon balm, or for a reviving bath mint, rosemary etc