Raspberry Butter and Oatmeal Soap Bars
  • Difficulty Beginner


This recipe makes lovely gift soaps as it conjures up fresh Raspberries and Muesli and nourishing breakfasts!  If you don't want to give it a twist with Raspberries and Violet Fragrance, you can switch the Sun Ripened Raspberry fragrance for a straight berry scent.  



  • Dice the Melt & Pour Soap Base in a Microwave proof bowl – on medium/low
  • Dissolve the Shea Butter in the melted soap base
  • Add Fragrance Oil and stir well to combine
  • Pour soap into moulds and allow to cool and set completely
  • Unmould and keep in a dry place for a day or two and then wrap ready for use

The Raspberry Mica doesn't shine in opaque soap, but is just the right shade for the fragrance.