Rainbow Cylinder MP Soap Project
  • Difficulty Intermediate
  • Time 2 hours
  • Yields 10 - 14 bars


Cylinder Embed Soap Project

This loaf is made by "layering" the soapy Cylinders amongst White Melt & Pour Base - using this technique you have the ability to make our Polka-dot effect loaf.

Cylinder Embed Soap Project

Our Loaf is scented with a new Linden Blossom Fragrance we are trialling, but you can choose whatever Fragrance or Essential Oil you like best. Fruity Fragrances work well as they don't often discolour, but beware of "Foody" based scents as they are usually Vanilla Based and will discolour. If you would like to work with Vanilla based fragrances, you will need some Vanilla Colour Stabiliser to lessen this affect.


THis specific tube mould is no longer available, but you can create this effect using other Embed Column Moulds

What you’ll Need



Step One:  Cut some Clear soap into small squares - place into separate jugs/double boiler - whichever method you prefer.  This is for the cylinders, so just cut enough to make 3 cylinders of each colour.

Step Two:  Melt clear soap in a small plastic jug or Pyrex container (or whatever you have that is heat safe in the microwave - if it is a jug with a pour spout this realy helps).  Melt on medium/low in short bursts to ensure a thorough melt without boiling.

Step Three:  Add colour and scent to melted soap base and stir well to combine. If the mica is sitting on the surface, spritz with some alcohol to disperse the powdery lumps and stir again.  Pour soap base into the cylinder mould and spritz with a finishing touch of alcohol.

Step Four:  Repeat for all the colours you are using.  Allow this to set hard.  This will be several hours.

Step Five:   Unmould the cylinders.  IF you have trouble unmoulding only use the freezer for 3 minutes, not longer or the layers may not adhere well.  I use a whiteboard marker pen base to push the soapy cylinders out of the mould.

Step Six:  Now cube the kilo of white soap, cover and gently melt until completely liquid.  Now scent with your fragrance of choice and mix well to combine.

Step Seven:  Now be patient whiilst you layer up your loaf!  Begin by pouring approximately 1 cm of White Base into the Loaf Mould.  Allow to set until it is firm to the touch with your forefinger.

Step Eight:  Now spritz the white layer of soap and first three soapy cylinders with alcohol.  Carefully lay the cylinders (trimmed to fit in a single line) on the white layer. Spritz again and pour a layer of white soap half way up the sides of the cylinders.  Allow to set until it is firm to the touch with your forefinger.

Step Nine:  Repeat Step Eight for the rest of the coloured cylinders.  It is best to cover the balance of the white soap (left in the jug) between layers, and it may need a little reheating each time to ensure it is the right pouring consistency.

Voila! Allow to set up all day, or overnight.

Slice with either the straight blade or crinkkle cutter blade. Don’t forget to wrap your soaps – shrink wrap if possible, if not wrap in cello, cello bags or store in jars.