Pumice & Jojoba Garden Soap Bars
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Yields Up to 15 bars


Pumice & Jojoba Melt & Pour Soap Garden Bars

We have used  fresh Lettuce fragrance and our Heavy Duty Victorian Blossom Heart Mould and a Milky Way 2 Hearts Mould, but you can of course select any moulds you prefer.  

You'll notice some of the bars have the pumice right at the top near the pattern - these were poured at a higher temperature to allow to pumice to settle in a layer, instead of evenly distributed through the bar.

What You’ll Need:

Easy Instructions:

1. Dice the soap base into a microwave safe jug (or double boiler) and melt on medium low

2. Add the Ground Pumice and stir gently.  Use the back of a spoon against the bowl to remove any lumps

3. Add Loofah (if using) and slowly stir whilst the soap cools a little

4. Now add Fragrance or Essential Oils and gently stir thoroughly.  Continue slowly stirring to keep the exfoliats in suspension

5. When the Soap reaches a liquid honey consistency, pour into moulds and allow to set completely

6. When completely cold remove from mould – wrap if desired to keep out moisture and prevent “sweating”

If using "Add to Trolley" and you would like to use a different mould, you can edit the mould design from there.