Planta Cleanse Simple Shampoo
  • Difficulty Beginner
  • Time 1 hour
  • Yields 1000g


Planta Cleanse Natural Shampoo

We’ve been asked for a basic formula using Planta Cleanse and Lamesoft, so here it is!  This formula is a basic, beginner's, cold process formula.

This can be used as a beginner Shampoo or Baby Wash, or see below for suggestions on additions for added nutrients and herbal additives. If you have never made Shampoo or used Surfactants before, it is important to adhere to the formula exactly, especially the addition of the Citric Acid to balance the pH.

We have published a 100 page manual explaining the fundamentals of surfacants, and which has many formulas for Foaming products. You'll find our Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Confusion booklet on the books page. This is recommended reading if you wish to make your own sulphate free, surfactant based products.

Use our Stubby Shampoo Bottles with or without a pump or our other bottles and jerry cans for storage and dispensing in the shower.

Shampoo is a very subjective product, this is a starting formula, I want to stress this.   This is good starting formula, once you have made it and tested it on your hair, it's then time to make it your own, by tweaking it up and down.   You can personalise it by adding herbal extracts, proteins, dl panthenol etc

Not suitable for use in our Foamy Bottles - unless you reduce the thickness considerably.

This formula does not require heating - the ingredients are cold processable.  If you feel more comfortable making a heated product, you can of course do this!


Phase A

**This is quite high percentage and is the most synergistic - feel free to adjust it down as low as 20%.

Phase B


  • Add Planta Cleanse to the water while stirring
  • Add preservative and adjust pH with citric acid solution
  • Adjust thickness with Lamesoft
  • Finally check pH again and adjust to 4.9 – 5.5 with Citric Acid solution

Further information is available on the flier provided with the Planta Cleanse and Lamesoft and full information on shampoo making is found in our Book.  Please request a Planta-Cleanse flier when ordering in the comments section of the check out.

To make the Citric Acid 2.5% Solution:

Mix 2.5g (1/2 teaspoon) of citric acid into 100ml/g distilled water.  This is used to thicken this shampoo naturally

Suggested additives:

Don't forget, if including additives, to adjust the water content of the formula by the same quantity.  If varying the ingredients, check the pH with a pH strip or a pH meter and adjust the Citric Acid quantity accordingly.

Additives may affect the colour and viscosity of the formula

Herbal Extracts
Hydrolyzed Proteins
dl Panthenol
Guar Conditioner

You'll find our Shampoo and Liquid Soap scent suggestions page HERE